Why You Should Lose Your Oversized Wallet

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I’m sure we all have been there – in front of the busy lineup of people who have not had their Monday morning coffees yet, scrambling around with your wallet in one hand, piping hot coffee in the other, accidently trying to pay with your 3-year-old library card, and dropping change on the ground. It’s obviously your preferred way to start a Monday, right?


When was the last time you even went to the library anyways? Or the last time you went to those 8 stores you have gift cards for, and happen to cart them around everywhere? Yes, it’s definitely important to be prepared, but do you really need all that stuff in your wallet, everywhere you go? No, you don’t. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.


More than 50% of people from the United States don’t even carry cash, meaning that the usage of cards has spiked, and continues to do so. Now, since they’ve passed the rule that gift cards can’t expire, it’s really made a mess of our wallets. Not to mention the shady credit card promotions, that offer you free items if you sign up for the card. Free travel rewards or electronics can be seriously tempting, until one day you’re rummaging around in your wallet and it feels like a never-ending blackhole. Receipts are flying, cards are getting stuck together, and you have an endless amount of small change and old notes from years ago. You then think it’s a little bit crazy that you’re carrying that around with you everywhere you go. Talk about excess baggage. Not only was your wallet weighing down your pants, but it also doesn’t even fit in your jeans or handbag correctly – and loosing your wallet is a scary thought. Or even worse, your wallet getting stolen. Nothing says opportunity for a thieve than a bulky wallet with cash and receipts hanging out of it.


To save you peace of mind, and less coffee shop catastrophes on your Monday mornings, it’s about time you switch to a slim wallet. Without a doubt, we’re entering a cashless society, so why carry around pockets of change when you can just switch to a couple cards?


After you’ve dumped the contents of your wallet on the counter, you’ll automatically realize that you’ve been carrying around a lot of useless things. So, start with getting rid of it. Yes, maybe your ex’s number is in there from the first time you met, and maybe you have a Polaroid from a good friend- if you really want to save those things then at the very least, keep them somewhere neat and clean and tucked away. Your everyday space is not the place for those. Then, do a really good cleaning of your cards. When was the last time you used your credit card that you signed up for to get a free t-shirt at a sporting event? Probably quite a while ago considering the return rate is super low and you’re far more interested what your other credit card companies are offering. Go through each one of your cards and think about what you’ll use everyday. Take the rest of the credit cards and put them in a box for emergencies. Take your gift cards and plan a shopping trip or buy gifts for others with them. By doing things you’re decluttering your everyday items, which results in way less hassle, and more peace of mind.


Another great way to get into going cardless is opting in for apps on your phone. Luckily, most of the point apps, or credit cards and debit cards allow you to pay or collect points with your phone. This means that you can really can limit the amount of cards you use to 1 debit card and 1 credit card. The rest you can leave at home. You like the idea of an only card lifestyle, but it just doesn’t cut it because your favourite café only takes cash. Besides, it’s always important to have a bit of cash on hand. So now what?


You’re on the hunt for the perfect wallet to complete this transformation from an outdated, oversized wallet, to a slim, sleek and modern way to carry your money.  You’re a little torn: what’s in between a total cashless wallet and the slim and sleek feel of holding just a small piece of material to keep your important cards and some cash together? You want to steer clear of carrying a change pouch, considering it’s more similar to carrying a paperweight in your pocket rather than always having change on hand, but it’s also a slippery slope going back to your old ways trying to find a wallet that has both a place for change and your cards.


The choice dose not have to be divided between functionality and style. With the Ultra-Slim, 100% Genuine Quality Leather Minimal Wallet with Quick-Draw Card Slot, you can have both. It’s unobtrusive to your wardrobe, meaning that you won’t have to feel the weight of it in your pocket, but you don’t have to worry about loosing it. The thought-out design provides quick access for your important cards, but still room for change. And, if you’re often in public, crowded places, RFID protection becomes very important to you. This means that it will help you avoid electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. Many of todays credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips that are vulnerable to RFID scanners that can be used to extract information from your card without making direct contact with you.  RFID blocking protects from these modern day pick pocketers. So really, what else do you need in a wallet?


Changing your wallet is more than just transferring your things to another item to carry them around. The process of eliminating the unnecessary and identifying only what you really need is really a skill in today’s modern lifestyle. You can start with your wallet, then your closet, your home, your car, etc. You’ll soon realize that you are starting to appreciate things that make you enjoy life more, rather than the things themselves. But, you’ll also appreciate the design of a good product. Nothing is worse than investing into a product that you thought was going to solve your need, and then realizing that it actually complicates life a little more. Say goodbye to coffee shop catastrophes and carrying around things that you don’t need. Say hello to a new lifestyle that brings experience over things, and necessary over the unnecessary.


P.S. Why not switch to carrying the minimal and do it in style. Match your wallet to a phone case that will protect your phone, but not weigh you down or look silly or cheap. Weather you want real materials such as wool or wood, or a high grade of silicone to perfect the sleek feel of your phone – either way, amazing things happen when you identify only the essential.