Why invest in a more expensive iPhone case?

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We’ve come a long way in the past 45 years since the first cell phone was invented. We’ve traded in that hilarious, huge, plastic box with an antenna for sleek curved edges, sophisticated metals and extreme thinness.  There’s no denying that owning a phone nowadays boils down to more than just owning a phone.  It’s no longer choosing a product and buying it, it’s much more than that. It’s a statement – an acceptance to technology. When you purchase a phone, it’s an investment in a device to add convenience, safety and information into your life. There’s no doubt that the use for mobile phones is expanding rapidly, covering industries such as health, natural disasters and a connection to the developed world – the list goes on. When you decide to purchase a new phone, you take your time and weight the benefits of different brands, different feel and different features. You think about your day to day life using a phone and would like to purchase a phone to make your life easier so you don’t have to take it in to fix the hardware or software, or even worse- have it tamper with your sensitive information stored on your phone.  Do you opt in for a simple phone with light up buttons, a 3 megapixel camera, and T9 texting? Or what about the new iPhone X with figure print scanning, dynamic display and the intelligence to turn the screen on as it detects your face in-front of it.  Chances are, you’re going to want to spend a little more on a good quality phone because it’s investment. You’re going to want to take advantage of the advances technologies that are expanding all over the phone market, such as 12 megapixel camera, laptop grade storage and water resistance. Buying a phone is a commitment to making your life easier.  It’s astonishing the growing number or features implemented into smartphones today, including everything from scanning a credit card with your phone, to locking your doors from abroad.  Smartphones are pretty damn smart, so don’t you think you should be too when protecting your phone?

I mean, what’s worse than ruining something you’ve spend time and money on? Walking around with a cracked phone screen or a scratched back of your phone is only a reminder of the event that happened to get your phone to this state. And how often are you going to be reminded? Every time you pick up your phone – and no lies here – that’s A LOT. It will be that feeling of “I should have done this,” or even worse, an “I told you so” from someone else. Realistically, you’re not going to run out to the store and drop another few hundred dollars on a new phone once your screen is cracked or scratched if you don’t absolutely NEED to. You’re going to try and make it work, even if it means getting a little glass in your figure tips here and there or  always looking like you’ve had a wild night out because of your phone screen. Although there are always new phones going on the market, with new features and new technology – they are not a disposable item. Generally, when we buy a phone we buy it with the intent to last. But, as much as we wish phones were made for this, unfortunately the phone itself is not always guaranteed to last. The sleek design and new metals always don’t hold up to a drop on cold hard concrete or a scratch from the fiddling around trying to find your phone at the bottom of your car seat. The hard truth is that you can’t do much about this on the phone side – we’re still on the lookout for an invincible smartphone, and no we’re not going back to the Nikia 3310, as tempting as it can be sometimes. The solution to this problem lies in buying the proper protective phone case that will increase the longevity of your phone, and decrease the level stress or regret you have when your screen cracks or your phone gets bashed around.

So instead of blaming your “stupid iPhone” for smashing into hundreds of little glass pieces, you can just avoid that whole scenario by buying a protective phone case. Instead of thinking of your phone and a phone case as separates, think of them as a team – kind of like PB&J. There can be really good phones on their own ( peanut butter) and with a case (jelly) they’re something even better and then you’ll never want to separate them again. It’s sort of like buying a warranty on your electronics, or insurance, except it’s a lot more simple. A one time price, and you get the added benefits of choosing what case compliments your phone and your personal style. You’re going to want to get a case that matches the sleekness and design of your new phone, so it’s probably smart to opt out of the cheap pieces of plastic and those silicone molds that don’t actually fit on your phone. It really makes little sense to wrap such an amazing piece of technology with the worst quality materials. Why do you want to carry that around all day? Sorry to say – but it really can cramp your style.

Nothing is worse than that feeling of being under-dressed and coming across as cheap. So what makes you think that this vibe doesn’t come across when someone sees how you’ve dressed the phone you are using? After all, a phone case is not only a piece for functionality, it is also a style accessory. It makes sense to protect your phone, so why not do it in style? I’m sorry to break it to you – but if you saw a handbag or pair of shoes made out of cheap plastic, would you still want to buy it? Most likely, you wouldn’t think of it because you know you want to dress in style, and that means paying attention to quality materials. Not only do you want the nice, smooth and sleek feeling in your hand, you also want the functionality of a good phone case. You know – the buttons are covered where they’re supposed to be covered, the camera is not covered where its not supposed to be covered.  When you have good design, along with good style, using your phone actually becomes appealing. You want to search some facts or reply to some messages when you have a minute, or pull it out to take a quick snap because you look and feel good doing so. Although, sometimes it can be hard to find this combination. You have to shift through those hunks of plastic and silicone to find a diamond in a hay stack. But, since you’re read all the way down to here, we’ll give you a head start.

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