Why Having So Much Stuff Is Really Killing Your Vibe

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Welcome to 2018, a time where markets are more saturated than ever and it’s easier to buy something new than to return it. It’s getting quite crazy isn’t it? It seems like there’s new products after new products, but yet never a product that ACTUALLY fulfills all of our needs. There’s always an extra add on that seems unnecessary, or the typical increased user-friendliness that actually makes the item harder to use, and actually decreases overall user experience. Only few products accurately capture functionality and appeal to the preferences of design for most people. So, why are we still buying products that don’t appeal to all our preferences and needs? After all, the market is more saturated than ever, which means more brands making the right products! So, now all you need to do is choose.

Although, you know, sometimes the choice can be hard! For example, have you ever paid overweight baggage fees because you packed too much? As you’re trying to rearrange your suitcase in the airport, you’re realizing that those pants only go with that top if you wear those shoes. And then you realize that those pants defiantly do not go with any of your other shirts or shoes because they bulge in the back and you don’t like the way the look with sneakers or dress shoes- only your one pair of kind of casual and kind of dressy shoes. But these pants are cute for $5.00, right?… And add on $50.00 more thanks to the overweight limit. This isn’t the best approach to functional, yet stylish, is it?


Now-a-days, it’s getter harder and harder to find quality products that you can trust, so we often opt into buying for convivence, price or availability. We fall into accumulating so many things that we tend to forget what we really have. Now, if you forget about having a product, does it really change your life? Okay, so maybe a pair of socks won’t dramatically change your life – I hope we’re in agreement there. But, a pair of socks that are especially designed for running can help make a difference in the way you run, which actually, in the long run – changes your life. Buying products of quality, ALWAYS over buying products in quantity, will leave you more satisfied in the long run.



For example, have you ever had to pack up all your things up and move? After folding your 15th pair of jeans, did you get a slight guilty feeling? Maybe because you would have saved so much time if you didn’t have so many clothes, or maybe because you’re looking at all the purchases you would rather return now. Either way, it’s never a good feeling looking at all of your belongings and not feeling anything from them. The minimalism movement is so big now because people are realizing there is more to life then buying and consuming. Instead, they are opting in to buying less, but making the things that they buy mean more. And how beautiful is that??


Picture this – your 5 favourite outfits, a couple accessories, like a phone case or backpack, and a year filled of memories. Doesn’t that sound much more glamorous than pulling around a suitcase of clothes you’ve worn once or twice? Believe it or not, your consumption habits definitely have a stronger role in your life than you may think.


Not only dose having less give you more opportunity to move freely and focus on other things that are more important, it helps you gain an overall different outlook on life. For instance, consuming less, and of quality (so therefore you will consume less) is better for the environment. By making this change, it raises your awareness to other things going on in the wold, and will hopefully motivate you to work harder towards those causes that you feel strongly about.



I saved the most representative point for last – having so much stuff not only kills your vibe, but also your wallet. How often do buy something just because it’s cheap? And then, you end up with 5 pink t-shirts. If you do the math, 5 t-shirts at $5.00 ends up being $25.00, which was probably the price of that dreamy, pink, sheer shit with actual style. Now imagine this for every one of your different types of clothes. Essentially, you’re trading low-quality materials and stripped-down style for being able to have a few, high quality and low stress items. Not only do cheap clothes look cheap, they also don’t last. So let’s add another 2 purchases of $5.00 onto the equation, and you’re actually spending more than you would if you were to invest in quality products, and you don’t even get to reap the benefits of having a killer style.



If we were to take all of our clothes out of our closest, I’m sure most people would be surprised with how many clothes they actually own. As mentioned previously, it’s 2018 and this is an actual reality. Now before we go crazy tearing apart our closet, we can get away with changing our future approach to purchasing items instead. Some ways to do this are to think – do I already have this? What about this product can help me, instead of just taking it’s main purpose of functionality (i.e Is this bag waterproof?). How much money do I spend a year on items like this? With awareness, these questions will come naturally, and you’ll see the amount of stuff you own get smaller and smaller.

Even if you take a shot at it now, and make a list of everyday things that you use, or only designate a space in your closet to clothes that you wear every 2 weeks (plus occasions – and I mean actual occasions), you’ll see that there are a lot of products that aren’t necessary and a lot of products that are extremely necessary. If you focus on the design of an item, such as the lines in the seems of clothing or the smooth feel of it in your hand, you’ll see that many products “cut the corners.” It takes a little while to find the products that just look like a nicely thought out shirt, or well designed iphone case. But, the good news is that once you’ve spotted these products, it’s more likely than not, they will also be more functional. That white button down may be made with linen, which is great for staying cool at the beach or that phone case may actually save your phone, which goes without saying – is a lifestyle.

To start taking the steps towards refining your stuff into carefully picked, highly stylish and functional products, start with the old. Trash it, sort it, give it away. An in with the new. Hear over to theWTFactoryshop.com, the diligence for functionality and quality is already done for you.