What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway? (and how to look like a fashion blogger when you’re there)

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Whether you’re a blogger packing for a weekend away to make new content for your blog or going away on any other type of business trip, it’s important to look fashionable and feel good. If you’re going away to travel or see friends and family, it’s equally important to look and feel good, and express yourself through fashion. Although, sometimes packing can become a game of what is functional, rather than what is fashionable. You know your new, burnt yellow, suede boots will look amazing walking through the street of whatever new city you’re setting out to explore.

Although, you also know that they will become completely ruined since the whole week you’re there it’s calling for rain. Ugh. Packing for a new climate can involve a lot of coordination, especially if the weather is known to change or it’s calling for rain, snow, or extreme heat. Before you fall into the trap in thinking that functionality has to trump style, take a step back and realize that you can take both on your vacation… it just all comes down to a couple of key points to consider.

Pick Your Color Scheme

When you don’t have the comfort of your whole closet to choose from in the mornings, it leads you to think more about each piece and its color scheme. When you’re in the comfort of your own home, choosing from 5 printed shirts and finding the best one that picks up on the accents from your jeans seems like a simple task. Although, taking a suitcase full of prints can seem like a disaster.

When traveling, it’s important to have items that can mix and match with other items, therefore making it more likely that you use those items more than once. Nothing is worse than pulling your only clean clothes left and having to sport two completely different prints, or of course, pulling from your dirty laundry on your trip. To avoid this, pack articles of clothing with similar tones and shades so that everything mixes with everything. For you, maybes that’s tones of gold and brown shoes and bags. Or, black clothing with silver accessories. If you want to choose prints, choose basic colored prints, like black and white, so you can then mix it with a colored jacket or jeans. Or, choose a few items that will be your statement items with the correlating “basics” to match them, and other outfits in your suitcase as well.

Pack in Outfits

Aside from choosing each item individually, many bloggers and fashion conscious peoplesay that packing for your trip in a matter of outfits, instead of blindly just going at it is the key to packing for any type of trip. When you’ve tested and tried the outfit, you know what it feels like, and all the perfect accessories that match.

The best part about packing in outfits is that you just can’t wait to wear them! No more spending those extra 20 minutes or 1 hour in the hotel room regretting your packing decisions and taking away from your vacay time. When you pack things that look and feel good, you’ll enjoy your vacation much more. It sucks being overdressed for a hike and underdressed for dinner. So, depending on if you’re traveling with a checked bag or not, there are levels to packing by the outfit.

If you’re only jet-setting with a carry-on, planning what outfit to wear on each day is still a super useful tactic. Especially for packing. Check with the weather, and see what part of the week it will be warmer or cooler. With this, you can pack accordingly by outfit, and therefore not have to rip apart your bag when you arrive at your accommodation 🙂

If you’re not sure what your plans are on your trip, pack outfits that you can visualize you doing activities in. For example, pack a hiking outfit and pack an outfit for a day of renting bikes. Pack an outfit for a rainy day shopping and cafe-hopping and one for a fancy dinner. A few of your pieces can overlap, but having this all planned out will cut your morning routine time down by a drastic amount, and make some great instagrammable worthy shots.

Keep Your Classics

Classics are classics for a reason.

They typically go with everything and just honestly make you feel good. So, when packing on a weekend getaway, there is no reason to not include them . Even if it is just one piece. I mean, let’s be real… it’s not Sunday until we bring out those comfortable boyfriend jeans and knit sweaters. Including classic pieces as part of your outfit that you pack all together will help you deal with last-minute outfit changes in case you change your mind about what outfits you packed to wear.

Let’s take a classic white button down, for example. Packing this can double as beachwear, a casual look with some jeans or a summery look with shorts and tied at your waist. Classic pieces typically are just as functional as they are stylish, so don’t disregard them!

Fine Tune the Neccessaties

Put your hand up 🙋‍♀️if you have ever arrived at your hotel room only to realize that you forgot to pack an important piece of clothing or accessories (such as a leather jacket or an evening purse). It can be annoying having to sport your boyfriend’s hoodie the whole weekend instead of your trendy jacket, or bringing a backpack to dinner… Although, it happens. But, with a little more planning in your packing, it can be easily avoidable.

Some items are designed especially for traveling, such as collapsible bags. The Matador transit30 duffle folds up to fit into the palm of your hand and expands to hold 30 liters. This is ideal for days in the city or weekend trips. Always have it on hand, and you’ll never have to worry about packing a bag for a day trip again. Luckily, this bag actually looks as stylish as it is functional. So no more thinking that there is a tradeoff!

Something that makes planning your outfits much easier is having like-colors or neutral colors on your daily items such as your handbag, wallet, shoes, phone case, etc. Although, you also want these items to be of quality so they can hold up on your trip… and you don’t have to make the dreaded trip to go out and buy new shoes at a tourist shop because yours broke. Or, has anyone suffered the baggy-wallet syndrome?

Your wallet being weighed down by different currencies, and attempting to pay for something in a currency that is much, much more depreciated. With the Undivided Wallet, you can keep the change…. Out of your wallet.

You can even keep your wallet and phone together for speeder payments, organization, and flight-boarding. The Nomad Wallet was designed exactly for the nomadic lifestyle, keeping all of your essentials in one place. Especially if you’re a frequent flyer, fine-tuning your accessories is an important travel packing tip. With your everyday items giving you the style to keep your confidence during your globe-trotting, and functional enough to let you keep enjoying your trip.