The Ultimate Guide To Looking Like a Celebrity At The Next Music Festival You Attend

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As winter fades away, it’s time we put away those bulky jackets and salt-stained boots and welcome statement pieces that will be sure to turn a few heads. The spring and summer are seasons of celebrations and feeling good. What better way to do that then look your best while attending the hottest events of the summer? There is no doubt that the popularity of music festivals is taking off and chances are, they are in the plans for you and your friend group this summer. Amongst all the excitement of planning upcoming music festivals, including choosing after parties, accommodation – the prep of planning your outfits is a big part of the fun.

You want to strategically pack outfits for the 3-day festival that are equally fashionable as they are comfy and functional. Of course, you want to look your best, as it could be a conversation starter for getting invited to a celebrity after party or meeting a summer romance you’ll end up spending most of your summer with. Besides, you’re trying to have a good time, so that means looking good and feeling good too. So, start getting excited about the upcoming parties of the summer, knowing you’ll be attending them looking your best with these 15 styles. Maybe you’ll even get mistaken for a celebrity 😉

Bell Bottoms

It only makes sense to go back to the decade that peaked after Woodstock – the most iconic music festival ever. The 70’s are back and they are one of the best style vibes to go to for a music festival. Bell bottom pants are not only a bold fashion statement, they also are functional considering they provide coverage.

Whether you are attending festivals in the beginning or end of summer where it can be a bit more chilly, or in the heat of summer -when the sun is beaming down on you. This style is equally sexy and bold as it is practical and functional with extra coverage to avoid sunburns and evening chills.

Platform Sandles

Talking about functionality, platforms are the way to go. Generally, most music festivals are on sand or grass, meaning wearing heels is basically a death statement. Instead, platform sandals are the perfect mix between stylish and functional. Perfect for grass, sand, cement, and catching a view from someone’s shoulders 😏


The summer sun is shining, the music is blasting and the last thing you want to worry about is a case of heat stroke or dehydration. Wearing a hat to a festival is not only a style statement but more so, a measure of protection. Take a wide-brim hat and make it either a girly with a maxi dress or badass with a leather jacket.


For the love of festivals – mesh is not going anywhere. It’s one of those things where you really only can get away with it at a music festival, which gives you all the more reason to play around with some fun styles. You can style it from edgy to preppy, you just need to be creative!

Bandana Print

You can shop around for bandana print clothing, or even use bandanas you’ve bought separately. For men and women both, there are endless options. Around the neck, around the waist, tied to a bag, hanging out of your pocket, or around your head. You can even create a tube top by tying two together. Check out your local dollar store to stock up.


Bralettes are meant for under your clothes, but it’s festival season – so who cares?? Besides, the only rule about fashion is that there are no rules, right? This look will definitely turn a lot of heads, and if you want to go all out, shop for a metal bralette – it will look like you’re dripping in gold or silver. What says celebrity status more than that?


Since the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, and the show goes on anyways – a fringe jacket will be sure to keep you warm and toasty. You can either wear black fringe and pull off a rocker look or go all in for a boho-chic look by pairing it with tones of jewelry, prints, and some cute booties.


What’s summer without sunnies? Pairing the right sunglasses with your outfit is essential to completing your whole look. Here’s your chance to rock those John Lennon shades or reflective sunnies you wouldn’t normally try out in your day-to-day.

Body Jewels and Glitter

You’ll find it in your hair weeks after the festival, so why not just join the glitter tribe? Wearing a simple outfit, and making it festival ready with an interesting design with body jewels or glitter makes for a look itself.


If you’ve seen photos on your Facebook timeline from anyone you know that’s been to Burning Man, you’ll most likely seem them with a scarf. They are the most functionally and fashionable accessory. Great for keeping your neck warm, covering your head from the sun or face and eyes from dust or people getting super close into your personal bubble.

Matching Set  

One of the most put-together, yet low maintenance looks is a playsuit. A matching top and bottom create a no-brainer when getting ready and typically is stress-free during your time at the festival, dancing and walking around for hours. They usually need a little extra bit of design to make, meaning the top will fit as well as the bottoms.

Gypsy Chic

How many days a year do you get to wear a flower crown? What about a ton of necklaces and a sheer dress or skirt? This look is a total classic for festivals. Plus it’s a fun way to get dressed out an bring out your inner boho.


Do shorts or a dress look too boring to you? What about your jeans that you’re the most comfortable in? Fishnets are a great way to make your everyday look automatically a festival look. You don’t always have to wear them on your legs either, fishnet tops and sleeves totally fit the festival vibe too.


Without a doubt, (p)leather is a classic at festivals. I mean, the go-to for any concert is always a leather jacket. Mixing it up with different cuts, such as fringe, detailing or accessories adds an extra level to a promising style.

A Trustworthy Phone Case & Other Accessories

It’s surely happened too many time. Maybe you’ve even been there – smashing your phone screen at a music festival. You can’t find your friends when the festival ends, you can’t snap any pics and you just end up becoming really, really lost. It’s the worst situation, and typically the most common situation. Instead of drawing the wrong type of attention using extra measures to protect your phone, such as a heavy duty case (or even worse not even pulling it out), sport a functional, yet fashionable phone case.

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