The Ultimate Guide on How to Decorate like a Minimalist

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When it comes to decorating like a minimalist, the idea of throwing away half of everything you own or eliminating every wall in your house can quickly come to mind. Although decluttering and creating space are necessities to make this home decor appernet, it actually breaks down more into the smaller details, such as textures, colours and of course, the functionality of the things you have. So, good news for you – no purging or renovations needed.

Creating more space in your home will not only look very sleek but it will also fill your home with your favourite quality object. Objects like your favourite piece of artwork and things that make your life easier. Having a simple home makes it more functional, and less of something you have to stress, or even spend time thinking about. So, without further ado, here’s 18 things to keep in mind when decorating (or re-decorating) your home to totally nail the minimalist look.


Having items that aren’t functional just creates more stuff, right? Nailing the art of minimalist home decor, is having all items in your home as functional. So having a home where even decorative pieces serve a purpose is key. If you take away the things that are there for only decorative purposes, you’ll end up with more space, and of course, functionality.

Lines and Shapes

Creating space doesn’t always have to mean physically creating space. With creating lines, shapes, frames, etc.  in your layout of your space, you create it visually. Things like invisible shelves, high curtain rods, or low furniture will help to create cleaner lines. Or, adding lines and shapes above your bed frame creates a focal point for the whole room.

Plants are Perfect

When having less things, rooms can become cold and bear looking. Plants are a perfect way to warm up the room, and add life to it. It also creates a “homey” look being that you actually have to be home to keep them alive. Plus, they add a pop of colour too.

Accentuate Architecture

Sometimes we get really lucky and we rent out a place in a building with amazing old architecture. Or, it’s something we already have in our place. Putting attention on just the architecture automatically makes you create space around the architecture, therefore eliminating any unnecessary things on the walls, or door frames.


While neutral colours are the best bet in a minimalist home, correspondence actually overrides this. Why? Because minimalism is all about simplicity, and that doesn’t mean being boring. Pattens, textures, colours, shapes, etc. are allowed – only if they still make the overall look and feel simple. If you want red corduroy pillows on your white leather couch, add another slight touch of red in your artwork, living room, etc. to make a simple, yet playful design.


Yes, colours are possible in minimalist decor. Although, sticking to neutrals is key, you have the ability to play up one colour, and a full variety of shades of this colour. This actually will make your home look cozy, but still simple. For example, adding darker bedding in a white bedroom will actually make it look warmer, and you can feel free do add in a few interesting (+colourful) pillows for a pop.

Focal Points

The best way to create a simple look is to have 1 focal point. For example, a large piece of wall art. It will take the place for many small pieces and leave you with the only option to simplify the rest of the room. Having one very interesting piece in your room says a lot, without taking a tone of space. This could be anything, from a piece of art, interesting furniture or light fascist.

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