The Trendsetters Guide to Wear Any Style with Confidence

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“Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.”

Shawn Ashmore

As Ashmore said, style is something that is extremely personal. Take for example Jaden Smith. He can pull off a skirt better than any of the A-lister Hollywood actresses! And what’s more? He doesn’t mind getting bashed for it!

Let’s be honest for a minute here. You are only going to get noticed because of either 2 things – you are out-of-the-world gorgeous (or handsome) or you have an eccentric sense of style. It is often the second that will get you brownie points with the opposite gender and the fashion bigwigs.

Wear Whatever You Like, But With Confidence

The clothes, shoes and accessories you wear have very little role to play, but it is your personality and the way you carry it that can make whatever you are wearing the next big trend. Do you remember Nicole Kidman wearing yellow shoes under her white dress to the Emmys in 2017? She was called “quirky” and her choice of colors was termed “mismatched”. However, she started a trend that was followed by many celebrities after her!
The secret? She stood tall on the red carpet not caring what the fashion police had to say!

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

As if 6,909 living languages in the world weren’t enough, you also have to master body language. Well, no matter how hard it might be, your body plays a key role in finishing your look. You can wear a beautiful off-shoulder dress or a dapper-looking suit, but if the shoulders are droopy, there goes your impression for a toss.

Take Inspiration, Break Fashion Rules and Create Your Own

In the fashion world, there are certain rules that have been coming down since generations. Nobody questions them, but simply follow them. However, following fashion rules will not help you in setting a new trend.

Just because trousers have always been worn with dressy shoes and dresses have always been worn with stilettos, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Wear what makes you comfortable and you will own the look without even trying!

Embrace the ‘Don’t Care’ Attitude

Do you happen to remember Beyonce’s Robocop outfit that she wore during BET Awards 2007? Or Rihanna’s spiky leather corset that she wore during American Music Awards 2008? Admit it. The outfits were pretty outrageous and whacky! But, the real question is – did they care? No! They walked the red carpet with panache, held their head high and simply did not care about what others thought about their outfits. Why, you ask? Because they’re extremely comfortable in their own skin! Take some inspiration from them to pull off any style that you want, from goth to princess gowns. Nothing is actually impossible.

Rise Above Your Fear of Being Judged and Dress Only for Yourself

At the age of 29, Rihanna has emerged as an international style icon and even many celebrities turn to her for advice. Her constantly fearless and exciting style statements keep everyone guessing as to what she will do next. She is someone who is simply not afraid to wear her personality and she does not care about being judged. From wearing pajamas to naked dress and even embracing her voluptuous curves in skin tight skinny jeans, this girl is setting a whole new standard of fashion! So, what are you afraid of? 15 years of being under the spotlight did not deter Rihanna from flaunting her eccentric sense of style and you only have to set an example in your neighborhood! And maybe grab the limelight as the next Instagram model.

Guys, don’t worry. Even you have lots of people who are setting an example of how awesome just wearing anything is and with the right attitude is becoming a trend. Take Jared Leto for example. Not only did he excellently play the part of the Joker, but he also walked the red carpet with a lot of swag and oomph. The man adorned pink velour coat with yellow track pants with such finesse and also pink pants with green overcoat with confidence. He even makes 19th century clothes look dandy! So, why not just try to bring out your sense of style and stop following others? He doesn’t care about the critics and neither should you!

Be Your Own Fashion Guru

So, everyone is wearing bright yellow mini dresses? Great! But, you don’t have to if yellow doesn’t suit you. Just cause everyone is wearing a particular style, it does not mean that you follow suit. Guys and girls, you want to wear black eye-liner for a wedding, along with black nail polish? Go for it!

So, are you ready to be the next big “thing” in the world of fashion? Show them the fashion newbies how to carry all types of clothing and accessories with great ease. Just remember to be yourself and don’t forget to look in the mirror before leaving the house.




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