The Difference Between an Affordable and a Cheap iPhone Case Experience

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3 Hard Lessons Learned From Buying Cheap Phone Cases

There’s not many things in life that you can get away with “cheaping out.” If you buy the cheap alternatives things could really end up bad. Your $15.00 blender could go warp-speed and spin a green smoothie all over your kitchen, and while you try to clean it up, you $10.00 jeans rip right down the middle and since you cheaped out on your phone plan, you didn’t receive the text that your boyfriend is on the way to your house with his parents, and then, BAM! They walk right into that catastrophe. Talk about first impressions.

 Okay, maybe that was little bit dramatic, but you get the point.

How many times have you bought the cheaper alternative, only to head over to the store again in one month and REBUY the same item that has failed you? Have you learned your lesson or do you still get pulled in by the low price tag?

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“Burning Money is what I do!”

One of the biggest trends among millennials today is minimalism.  I think it was finally time to crack the case and wonder why people still have 27 napkin holders, 18 portable coffee cups and 5 different devices to pick up your dogs shit. It’s a little much – right?  So why do we still opt in for a cheap phone case? Today our phones are no doubt one of the most important devices we use daily, so why jeopardize the functionality and our peace of mind by putting on a cheap hunk of plastic on it? Your phone is mostly likely definitely not cheap, so it makes little sense to be walking around with a $2.00 phone case on the new iPhone X.

So, if you have been lucky enough to avoid the trap of the shiney, flashy and cheap phone cases, here’s a preventive guide to make sure you never fall for the bate, no matter how much it glitters and shines at you from the amazon website.

If you’ve heard the snaps and cracks of cheap phone cases, and have experienced no beveled / extended rim to protect your screen, no warranty, no slick texture feeling in your hands, no camera protection, etc…here’s some scienieros you can most definitely relate to.

  1. The Not So Perfect Fit

Have you ever had to remove your phone case before snapping a photo because the case actually covers the lens? Or, even worse, your camera lens now has a huge scratch on it, even thought it was protected. Have you been walking around with half of the Apple logo showing, and your phone case covering the other half? Or what about struggling to actually fit your phone in the case without breaking anything? These situations are far less than ideal. When you buy a cheaper phone case, you take the risk of running into these problems. The phone case could be manufactured for the Huawei P20, but the packaging still says iPhone, and why should it change if you’re paying only $3.00?


Investing in a quality phone case will not only be made exactly for your iPhone, but it will look and feel good too.  The buttons will press when you know, you’re pressing them. The camera will not be covered and plus your phone will become the perfect addition to your outfit, not the one accessory taking away from your outfit.  Just like the next hard truth about buying cheap cases, you probably want to avoid the image that comes along with a cheap phone case. Weather your phone screen is cracked, or you’re walking around with an X-large teddy bear case that covers your front camera, it doesn’t always look the best. Your aim is probably smart and stylish right? So why not continue that image with your phone too?

  1. The Glamorous Cracked Screen

How many iPhones have you seen with a cracked screen? It’s almost like it’s a trend, isn’t it? You’re walking to the store from your car, keys in one hand, coffee in the other and you reach out to open the door, and somehow your phone ends up on the ground. Common, it’s happened to ALL of us, no matter how co-ordinated or clumsy we are. We have a choice if we want to make this encounter the reason why we spend the next 2 months with a cracked phone screen, OR if we want to pick up our phone, brush it off like nothing happened and continue on with your day. Most of the cheap phone cases have no impact absorption, no surface grip, and no beveled front rim that protects your screen from accidental cracks and scratches. This makes it high risk for running your phone quickly.  Accidents happen, your phone screen shattering shouldn’t have to happen because of them.


Plus, you’re probably always on the go. Wouldn’t it suck if you dropped your phone while you’re running around, and your whole day gets messed up since you cannot contact anyone? Meetings are missed, your kids aren’t at school when you try to pick them up ( they texted you saying that they got a ride home) and you miss a couple important calls. Not sounding appealing right?  Your phone is an integral part of staying connected, so why jeopardize that for a few dollars?

  1. 1 Price Tag is Better Than 2

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Have you ever bought the cheaper version of something, only to realize that it’s actually more of a pain since you have to fix it every time it breaks? It’s frustrating buying something, then turning around and having to pay extra to fix it, or rebuy ANOTHER cheap quick-fix. Surely, when buying a new phone, you’re going to do some research, look at the different options and then settle for something that suits your needs, and more likely than not, you’ll choose something that is pretty good quality. So it makes little sense to do the opposite when you’re buying a phone case. You’re pretty awesome, and on most days you want to look and feel your best – so, you dress in clothes that make you feel good, and of course, serve their main purpose of functionality. Carrying around a cheap phone case and worrying about it breaking, or having to buy 3 more cases over the next few months isn’t helping your wallet, or style. Investing in something that is protective, functional and looks good is now a no brainer!

So, now it’s time to re-think your next purchase for a new phone case. You’ve now made the connection between your iPhone and your everyday life. How nice will it feel with a slick minimal design, yet full protection to give you peace of mind? Don’t worry about dropping your phone when you’re out running errands, your screen will be fine thanks to a beveled rim. Are you an influencer? Keep taking those amazing photos WITHOUT your iPhone case ruining those perfect moments.  It’s time to say yes to style, and protection!

Don’t know where to start? We can suggest a few good ones 😉

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