The Best Way to Leverage Functionality and Style into a Minimalist Wardrobe

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We’re always on the hunt for things that makes us feel great and make our lives easier. When you think about it, our clothing plays a pretty important role in our lives. Everyday, we either try on 5 different outfits and settle on the first one, or get that easy-going and familiar feeling pulling out your favorite piece, adding a touch of lipstick and walking out the door. Clothing can be a very personal preference. The way your favorite sweater feels on your skin means more than it’s $5.00 or $500.00 price tag. The way you feel in your favorite red dress is priceless.  With clothing, not only are style and functionality the leading factors, but the physical or psychological way it makes you feel is the cherry on top. Often, we seek the items that make us feel and look our best, so we can tackle the day with confidence. But now-a-days, a handbag isn’t just a piece to make you feel like a million bucks ( and show the world a price tag for around that price too). Your accessories are like the glue that holds your outfit together. You could own a complete wardrobe of black, white, beige and grey and it could seem rather simple. With the help of accessories, your outfit goes from 0-100 real quick. Adding a boho-chic bag to a black maxi dress makes you ready for brunch, and adding a wide-brim sunhat and some over-sized shades make you ready to hop on a boat for the afternoon. The same dress with sexy heels and an evening clutch, and you’re on your way to an evening soiree.  The advantage of obtaining an unique collection of accessories is that it can really compliment your minimalist wardrobe. Typically, your pieces are focused on cut and style, meaning that you can wear them in different occasions. For example, a plain-white-T can be used for a causal look under a blazer or jacket, athleisure with some sneakers and joggers and a cover-up for beachwear- only if the cut is right. You wouldn’t want to grab just any t-shirt for this, it has to have some style. Ideally, you want to find what works best for your lifestyle right now, and drill down on that. Once you find this, you begin to start buying less and more intentionally – and what’s a better place to start other than buying some quality accessories?

Accessories are the best way to leverage functionality and style into a minimalist wardrobe.


Have you ever had an evening purse that doesn’t even fit your phone? Or what about the secret sin of not actually setting your watch for the right time, but wearing it anyways? Maybe these instances are in the past for you, and you’ve moved on to a lifestyle focused on functionality. You know, you’ve emptied out your closet and divided what you actually wear and what you got for a Christmas gift 5 years ago. You’ve realized that your favorite purse is starting to get some serious ware-and-tear and your favorite pair of black jeans are starting to look rather distressed.

Having a minimalist wardrobe means doing an inventory of all of your clothes and asking yourself WHEN and WHERE you’ll wear there clothes, instead of idealizing the one event where you might wear that one dress. When buying clothing items, of course, you want to make sure they do the job, but efficiently. You want to buy a rain jacket that will protect your from wind also, but still look cute. The same goes for accessories – you want to buy a scarf that will keep you warm, but also dress up your plain black pea coat. If you mentally compile all the accessories that you use in a day, it actually makes you realize that they are just as important as clothes. We now depend on a sleek phone case, a handful of rings and bracelets and an over-sized clutch to dress up a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Nothing is worse than your phone case or your laptop case actually causing more damage to your electronics, or your purse not being able to properly close, and you loosing your keys or cards while out and about. So, chances are if this happened to you, or anything remotely close, you’ve probably thought about buying quality over quantity.  Not only does this make your life easier, by you know, having a purse that fits more than your credit cards and having a phone case that protects and covers your phone, it also makes you look smart and stylish. Some accessories that add a high degree of functionality, without sacrificing the style are phone cases, like LuxBox Case, laptop covers, purses – especially those fanny packs (don’t worry, they’re finally stylish and functional), scarfs and of course sunnies. When you invest in these things, it ends up making your life a little easier because you can use them over again and again, without having to worry about them breaking, wearing out or you getting sick of them. Typically when design and functionality meet, amazing products are made.



Doesn’t it feel like an accomplishment when you come across as smart and stylish? You don’t ever get those feelings of being over dressed for an occasion, in addition to your outfit actually preventing you from enjoying whatever you’re doing. You know, a short skirt isn’t always the most favorable for a picnic or some types sight-seeing (which includes 485 stairs). It’s never fun when you feel silly for looking stylish – that’s why it’s so important to invest in quality made products that serve their function, in addition giving you that extra oomph. It’s 2018, style doesn’t have to be compromised for functionality. For example, a sleek watch, a marble phone case and some nice shoes distinguish a nicely dressed gentleman from a your average joe. It’s really all in the details. Picture this- an all black outfit with some finely detailed gold jewelry, heels to die for, a beautiful paisley scarf around your neck and a cute clutch, and a wooden phone case. Like I said, 0-100 real quick. For women, hang bags essentially hold a status symbol, and what makes you think the rest of your accessories don’t either? Say goodbye to wearing cheap jewelry that makes your skin blue and backpacks with tattered straps. Even if you have formal evening wear on, you can completely kill the look with the wrong shoes, wrong jewelry, or one of those chunky plastic phone cases. So next time you’re scanning those racks of clothes, imagining that gown blowing in the wind – think of a dress or and outfit you already have, and instead, invest in some quality accessories that serve a function, and some serious style.

To get started, check out a functional and stylish phone case – because let’s be real, what item do you use the most everyday? Step up your style with a genuine leather case with card holders, or a classy white marble case that still offers full protection. You’d be amazed at what happens when you combine functionality and style.