The Best Leather iPhone Cases You Can Buy Right Now For Your iPhone

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So you’re on the lookout for a new phone case. You want something protective, but stylish. Something unique, but modern and on trend. You’ve decided that you’ll skip those cheap $10.00 phone cases because you want something of quality and the bottom line is the safety of your phone. You’re also completely over cheap looking plastic, and want that sweet, smooth feeling when you hold your phone in your hand.

But, even when you eliminate all the other options and decide to opt in for a leather case, the options are still endless. How do you know if the leather will last? How do you know if you’ll get that smooth, thin fit that you see in all the photos online? Do you want a flip case that covers your screen and has a place for your cards and cash? Or what about a small pocket for the only 1 or 2 cards that you’ll really need? Or, do you prefer a simple smooth feel, with no added-on extras?

 Do you remember buying your first leather jacket? How many stores did you go to before you found the one? Surely you didn’t pull the first one off the rack and pay the high price tag and be done with it. It’s important to test your options before you invest in something, especially an everyday item like your phone! But it is also equally important to not get ripped off and pay a high price tag for a similar quality replicated in another case.  

So, here’s a list to narrow down the search for you and lead you to the correct phone case that will be of function and style to you.

  1. Bellroy Leather Phone Case – 1 Card

The case fits well, and has space for 1 card and a spot for a spare sim. The creative idea for the spare sim is great for travelers, and your credit cards are safely secured by a metal closure. The material is strong and will not yellow over time. However, you do see a peek-a-boo of your cards, which can be cool or not depending on how sleek you want your style to be!


2. Nomad Horween Leather Case

Another non-branded case to keep your personal style fresh- not flashy. This case is sort of a minimalist combination of protective polymer and traditional leatherwork. Made from high grade polycarbonate fused to a rubber TPE bumper, which provides full perimeter and screen protection, and premium vegetable tanned Horween leather that develops a rich patina through extended use. The leather used is one of a kind Horween leather from the USA and it develops a rugged patina. If the look alone doesn’t sell you, the safety will. The safe 10ft drop protection will have you free of worries about your phone dropping, and will give you extra confidence this phone case is the perfect fit – literally!

3.CLIC CARD Protective Leather Case with Card Holder

This case is made of Argentinian leather which give it a sleek, modern design, and just as much protection to match. It incorporates Anti-NFC collision technology, so you can tap and go without interfering with your iPhone’s Apple Pay –  a real convenience! The advanced shock-absorbing polymer frame makes your head clear of worry of dropping your phone while you’re out and about. The case has a price point to march it’s quality.


4. Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case


5. Nomad | Horween Leather Wallet Case

The rugged wallet case is an elegant and minimalist wallet-case combination built from protective polymer and traditional leatherwork. The small slits for your cards and cash make part of the design and match the camera cover and side, with a nice solid black. This case is made from high grade polycarbonate fused to a rubber TPE bumper, which provides full perimeter and screen protection. You won’t have to worry about a smashed phone IN your phone case. The premium vegetable tanned Horween leather develops a rich patina through extended use. This case also has a 6ft Drop Protection and holds 2-4 credit cards. Weather you’re a nomad traveling around and potentially dropping your phone more than you should, or you’re always on the go running errands, this case is the one for you!




LuxBox Case is designed to maintain the satisfying experience of using the iPhone while protecting it from general wear and accidental drops.