Ten Cold Weather Accessories to Help Tie Your Fall/Winter Outfits Together

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Winter just might be one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. From edgy leather jackets to cute knit sweaters, your closet is nothing short of fabulous. But an outfit is only as good as its accessories and bundling up is no excuse not to showcase your style. Here are the most chic accessories to wear this winter season.

1. Knit Scarf

Your winter wardrobe is literally nothing without a scarf. And not just any scarf, but a super cozy knit scarf. While knit scarves in any color and length, we highly suggest a high-quality knit scarf. This will keep your scarf from pilling and ultimately throwing it away.

2. Adorable Mittens

Gloves may be easier to use, but mittens are truly superior in every way. They keep your hands much warmer and they are much cuter. Plus, it gives us all the cool, winter vibes. These mittens are the perfect addition to showcase your style in a small, yet powerful way.

3. Mountain Necklace

Nothing takes you away to snow capped mountains and beautiful fresh pine trees quite like this super cute necklace. Transport yourself to the ultimate ski and snowboarding vacation with this winter-inspired necklace.

4. Fingerless Gloves

For those of you who are anti-mittens, you’re probably just missing your fingers for texting. Which is why fingerless gloves is your ultimate must-have this season. Wool, cotton or knit fingerless gloves will keep your hands toasty all winter. But if it’s aesthetics you’re after, try some faux leather gloves.

5. Ear Muffs

Muffs can either look very young or very chic. The key is the quality. Try cashmere or faux fur ear muffs. They’ll not only keep your ears warm but make you look incredibly chic.

6. Poof Beanie

WE LOVE POOF BEANIES. Whether they be small, big, 1 or 2, you can never have enough poof beanies. Make sure you have one in a light color, dark color and a bright and funky one.

7. Flirty Tights

Tights are an excellent way to keep your legs warm while you’re sporting that dress in the cold. Black tights give off a European flair and go with just about everything. Although, nothing showcases your personality or pulls an outfit together quite like tights with patterns.

8. Killer Boots

We left this particular accessory open to your own sense of style. Maybe you love the versatile and edgy look of a bootie. Maybe you’re all about those sexy, thigh high boots. Even flat, knee high boots will do! Whatever suits your style, keeps you warm and screams winter!

9. Winter-Inspired Makeup

The final touch is the most important! The winter season really gives you the opportunity to change your look with just a few different colors. Try a deep red or purple lipstick. And for your eyes, look towards silver, gold, copper or browns. But the one thing that looks good all year round? Thick, winged eyeliner.

10. A Wool LuxBox Case

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Nothing says “I’m ready for fall/winter!” like the fresh feel of a brand new Luxbox case with Wool trimming on the back. Keep your hands (and your phone) warm all winter!