Solved: What to Take as Your Travel Bag

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Packing your life into a carry-on can be hard, but picking the right travel essentials doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re the type of traveler who buys a one-way ticket and ends up halfway across the continent, the one who knows all the posh events and to-die-for restaurants in every city or the one who travels to visit family and friends, bearing souvenirs from past adventures. No matter your travel style – items that make packing, unpacking and your time at the airport and train stations a little more enjoyable are essential.

Now the time has come to that circled day in your calendar you’ve been waiting for. Freedom at last! Am I right? You’re over the moon excited about hopping on a plane or in a car and jet-setting to your next destination. Whether it’s a rainforest in Costa Rica, a beach on the Mediterranean Sea or a camping trip out of town with your best mates. You’ve got your accommodation, transportation and some activities booked, and now you’re sitting in your room trying to pack all your things in a single carryon. After your third time packing and then repacking, you’re a little bit frustrated. You’re thinking “can’t those airline dimensions be a little bit bigger? Why do those wheels take up SO much space? Am I really taking a carryon with wheels on a camping trip?”

Packing for adventures can be exciting and tough at the same time, especially when most of the adventures are unknown. When you’re traveling, some nights you might go to classy restaurants and dress to impress, and on other nights, you could be hanging out in nature in your sweatpants. You want to be able to pack functional pieces to fit both situations and account for having room in your bag for some souvenirs or new shopping finds.

Be honest – have you ever packed all your clothes, toiletries, etc. only to zip your suitcase and remember you forgot to pack a bag for day trips? You find yourself rearranging your bag to account for an empty bulky backpack or purse. Repacking and repacking, you try a couple options, and start to debate leaving the essentials behind… who needs a toothbrush anyways? Okay just kidding. Don’t do that. You can have your suitcase and brush your teeth too  

Forget stuffing your suitcase full until the zippers bulge, heck, forget packing your things in a suitcase!! With these 3 travel bags, you’ll never go back to those bulky suitcases or be stuffing oversized purses in your luggage again.


For the weekend traveler: Matador Transit30 Duffle

So you’ve reached your friend’s apartment and unpacked the toiletries from your little carryon or backpack, took a shower and hit the beach. Imagine having to dump the contents of your backpack out on the floor, just to be able to take your backpack to the beach. Been there, done that – not fun for you or your friend! But, no worries, problem solved with this fix This little guy folds up to the size of the palm of your hand, yet can hold 30 liters when unfolded! Whether you use this ultralight pack away duffle bag for a carry-on take it in your luggage or take it for a beach bag or day-trip bag, it’s always on hand for your travels.

You can head out to a weekend beach trip and not have to worry about your valuables getting ruined due to the waterproof siliconized Cordura ® ripstop material taped internal seams. The water-resistant zippers make this bag reliable if you get caught in the rain, or splash some water on the bag. Not only does it looks stylish it is also durable due to double-enforced handles. The Transit30 is the ultimate travel companion for every adventure.


For the Adventurer: Metador Droplet Dry Bag

Okay, you know the drill. You get off work at 5 and escape to the cottage and row your kayak far enough out on the lake to lose the horizon. Ahh, finally some peace and quiet. You want to escape, but maybe carry your phone to snap a few pics. Or, you’re trekking through the rainforest in Costa Rica during the rainy season. All you can see is vibrant green 100+-year-old trees and Jurassic park looking plants. All you can hear is the rain splattering on the tops of the tall trees. You’re on a 9-hour hike, so you’re going to want to bring some food, dry clothes, and your camera to get someone of a kind photos. During the winter you head over to Portugal to do some surfing, but the friends you go with have an extra small European car, and guess what? The weather is 15 degrees and so is the water, which means no space to dry out your wetsuit from surfing. No problems here – this bag has ALL of those situations covered.

Droplet XL is an ultralight dry bag built from 100% waterproof material. No more wet papers, food or clothes – or the worst case, electronics. The Hypalon® roll top closure, YKK® buckle, and taped seams round out this gear, making it easy to clip onto a shoulder strap, your waterproof backpacking backpack, your surfboard, etc. The Droplet XL comes with a silicone droplet storage case and aluminum carabiner. This means that there are no excuses to forget your water-resistant life saver Perfect for keeping any gear dry, whether you’ve planned to be in the water, or unexpectedly get caught in a torrential downpour.  The 20 Liter capacity fits lots of gear but still packs down to fit in the palm of your hand.


For the Day-Tripper: Daylite 16 Packable Backpack

So you’ve checked into your accommodation and you’re trying to get an early sleep, but the excitement sets in. Your map of the new city you’re visiting is doodled with x’s and plotting the ultimate day trips. You need a reliable bag that will take you through these journeys, without being too bulky or slow you down. You can start the day with a small purse, and pack this bag in your purse until later when you’re at the grocery store buying all the necessities for an ultimate picnic.  Or this is a great solution when you’re hiking up a mountain and need room for some extra clothes, and when you’re taking a break at the top, you can pack your bag away in your jacket. Convenient, isn’t it?

The water-resistant 16 liter daypack packs down into the palm of your hand and features two water-resistant zipper compartments and 2 side pockets. This means that you can get caught in the snow or rain and you won’t have to worry…or maybe your lunch spilled all over your bag – it happens right? It’s an easy clean and you won’t get your favorite white t dirty.  You can pack the contents of a picnic, your filming equipment, or your beach gear in it with no stuffing or loud and scary zips/rips of the zipper. It has Interior 16 liter capacity.  Perfect for travel, day trips, and hikes.  It’s so small and light, at a weight of 4.1 ounces, you won’t want to forget this one on your day trip.




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