Psst. Here’s Some Carry-On Necessities To Make Your Next Trip Even Better

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Ahhh, the excitement you get when heading out on another trip. The thrill of hitting confirm as you book the flight, the child-like wonder you have when thinking of the next detestation you’ll explore and the bliss you have when thinking about new experiences you’ll encounter. Traveling is an exciting experience in itself, but so is planning for your trip. Nothing beats packing in the most perfect manner, and therefore being able to enjoy your trip to it’s fullest. You want to avoid being over or under-dressed, or forgetting important necessities, but sometimes there are just so many options to take it’s a little overwhelming.



 As soon as you hit confirm on the flight, the excitement kicks in. As the days to your departure date approach sooner and sooner you realize that you actually need to pack, and fit whatever you need for a weekend, a week or a month into the dimensions of 22″ x 14″ x 9″. These choices can be hard, considering your favourite booties take up 25% of your carry-on, or your airline won’t allow you to take your camera as an extra piece of hand luggage. Sometimes it can be annoying, but fortunately  enough, there are a few small items to take that will make your life a little less cluttered, and won’t take up much room. When it comes to packing, sometimes you need to focus on functionality before style, but who says that you can’t have both?

Here’s some top items to take on your next trip that are for functionality, but do not sacrifice style:


Your Actual Carry-On Bag

Being able to pack successfully has a lot to do with the bag you’re packing in. It’s even harder to fit everything you need into a small suitcase, when the wheels and the handle take up half the space. It’s worse when that suitcase is 2 inches over the limit (considering some airlines permit different dimensions), and you have to fork out $80.00 to check it in. Besides, even if you’ve measured and have the correct dimensions (celebrate the small victories!!), I’m sure you’ve been in the situation before when you are boarding the plane and you go to place your luggage in the overhead storage, and accidently almost drop it on an elderly couple and nearly give them a heart attack. After instances like this, you slowly start to turn against the hard, wheelie carry-on luggage. Instead, another lighter and hassle free luggage option is going fully mobile. Packing your things into a backpack has so many benefits. If you have to dash across the airport or train station, you can freely run up and down steps (a huge benefit for old European cities). If you end up buying more than you came with and need to pack an extra carryon, some airlines will accept backpacks as a small personal item, in addition to a carryon. If you unpack your things in your hotel room or a friends house, this bag can double as a daypack. With the Matador collection of bags, backpacks and duffles, you can even fit it into a compact storage bag that fits into your hand – perfect for day trips or weekend trips, especially when you’re on a longer trip.






Your Electronics

It’s important to take the right electronics while travelling, ESPECIALLY if you’re traveling for work, or have a digital nomad life set up. Everything from your laptop, headphones and USB sticks are important. What is equally important as taking the right electronics? Protecting them. If you’re an avid traveller, you’ll have no problem agreeing that headphones are necessary for long flights, bus rides and doing some work on you computer in a noisy café. You’ll notice, the more you travel, the more places your electronics end up. Headphones, being the most frequently used, sometimes can get pretty dirty and worn out – and nothing is worse than a 10 hour flight with a crying baby and NO headphones. Protecting your headphones is important, and incredibly easy with AERZ Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds covers. The cover enhances the sound quality, security and comfortable of the headphones and it ACTUALLY makes the headphones stay in your ears. So go ahead, fall asleep on your flight and don’t worry about your earphones falling out and being woke up by children screaming.


Of course, another extremely important electronic is without a doubt your phone. When it comes to snapping photos of new places, checking your flight times or sending a message saying you’ve landed safety. It’s something you’re always going to want to keep in good, working condition. So, the obvious reason is protecting it with a case, but let’s be real – no one wants to look like a tourist. So choosing a bulky, ugly and obvious-for-protection case isn’t a good way to protect your phone in style. Instead, try a case like SlimClip Case or Luxbox Case, that offer complete protection, slim design and 100% functionality. So no more missing photo opts while travelling or looking like a tourist. Travel in style, but keep the functionality.


Another great tool to have for traveling is USB sticks and key chains. So why not put them together? There are often so many times that your friends end up with your photos, or vice versa, and maybe you never get them after parting ways. It can really suck sometimes. So instead, attach your Airbnb keys to a handy keychain, and have a USB stick always on hand for transferring pictures, or getting your new mates killer playlist already downloaded to their computer. USB sticks also are really handy for some extra storage space too, in case you’re the type of person who takes over hundreds or photos in a day. I mean, when we travel, don’t we all? With the Nomad Lighting Keychain, you can have both.


Your Valuables

Of course, when traveling, unfortunately there is always be a heightened risk of theft. Even being in public places, such as airports creates opportunities that are often crowded, RFID protection becomes very important to you. Electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming is on the rise. Many of todays credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips that are vulnerable to RFID scanners that can be used to extract information from your card without making direct contact with you.  RFID blocking protects from these modern day pick pocketers. So, having a wallet that protects your cards is essential. The Ultra-Slim, 100% Genuine Quality Leather Minimal Wallet with Quick-Draw Card Slot, not only protects your cards, but it will also enable you to switch to a lighter way to carry your money. No one wants to carry around tons of cash ( because of theft, and it’s just downright heavy), so traveling on the light side, with a wallet that holds your necessary cards, and limits the rest is a smart way to travel.


P.S. If you want to go even lighter, combine your wallet and your phone together with the Nomad iPhone case. This will keep you looking cool, calm and collected checking in to your boarding gates.





LuxBox Case is designed to maintain the satisfying experience of using the iPhone while protecting it from general wear and accidental drops.