Establishing your Individual Style

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Individuality is a human condition that is both magnetically attractive but at the same time intimidating to develop and execute.  When you’re flexin’ your individuality at your highest degree of confidence, people will be attracted to you.

They’ll want to be with you, like you, next to you, and claim that they know you.

It’s crazy, but that’s just the way it is.

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Paradoxically, at the exact same time, people (in general) find the need to want to “fit in”.

Well Dang It! You can’t have it both ways!

People from the world over always want to be unique and recognized as an individual. Still, most people find it struggling to positively express who they truly are. This is where creativity and self-confidence comes in.

Fashion and style envelopes almost every aspect of a your daily life. This include the food you eat, the clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, and your home. All of these things and a whole lot more are a reflection of who you are as a person. And sometimes, it could be daunting to find who you really are in a world that you feel you need to “fit in to”.

Of course, styles and trends continue to evolve. And staying on top of trends is one way to go. This is one thing which can truly make a person unique and stand out in a crowd, get everybody’s attention, go trending, and influence others to follow into your trend. Which brings the discussion to one question that most fashionistas ask: how to look like a trendsetter and not like a follower?

Here Tom Ford Talks about how to show your individual style in one of the most conforming environments you’ll ever encounter, a formal.  A formal, where everyone has on basically the same thing – a black tuxedo.  You can even stand out in a setting like this…

Estee Lalonde talks about how to approach building your personal style starting with a core group of basics.  This is a great way to approach building or re-building your personal style at any time.  Get a core group of basics in your preferred, comfortable, and great looking (to you) style.  You can build, elaborate, and add to your look from there…

Getting Started

  1. Stay updated with the current trends. – Information is power. Staying updated and being always on top of trends is essential to trendsetting. This way, you always have information on what is current and relevant thus aiding in making smarter decisions.   Not that you’re ever, every going to copy but every artist needs inspiration.


2. Identify what works for you. – There are designs and types of clothes which fit well, and there are those who do not. And that is absolutely fine. What matters is that you find the perfect one that suits you best, and stick with it.


  1. Be creative and try to innovate. – Creativity is needed to bring something new. Taking action to realize the creativity within you leads to innovation. Do not be scared or hesitant to try something new which you have created for yourself.


  1. Express yourself. – Being a trendsetter does not end at finding and wearing your newest trendy outfit and style. A trend is not a trend if it is not trending, so to speak. And this is where expressing yourself is a part of. Expressing and letting yourself be seen and heard is part of it, such as in social media and other platforms.


10 Things to Keep in Mind when Styling Yourself to express your individuality

  • Remember your trademark. Your trademark is you. Do not forget who you truly are


  • Follow a theme for the day. Decide on a theme for the day and stick with it.


  • Have Hair and make-up suited for the outfit.


  • Coordinate everything.


  • Highlight your best features.


  • Accessorize but not too much.


  • Pay attention to details.


  • Never exaggerate.


  • Trust your instincts.


  • Walk with confidence.




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