‘Minimalism Amino’ is the Perfect Online Community for Minimalists

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What is Minimalism Amino?

To the average person, it’s an app. To a minimalist, it’s a lifestyle. A wave of simple stylers discovered the app when it became a huge source of inspiration and motivation in November 2016. The app is available for free and gives you access to a growing community of minimalists from all over the world. In less than a year, it’s become the ultimate breeding ground for minimal creativity.

What’s inside Minimalism Amino?

A great community. The amino community is a social network for minimalists to find like minded people and connect. Most members are women from their late teens to their 40s and are located all over the world. The app’s users skew more towards people newer to minimalism (around a year or so).

What’s especially wonderful about the community is the focus on support and not competition. Members are always encouraging and supportive and discourage gatekeeping (aka telling people they aren’t “the right kind of” minimalists.

Food for thought.

All members of the community are welcome to write and share blog posts related to minimalism. These posts are available via a live feed and these posts are an endless and constant supply of inspiration and motivation.

Many members share their progress from 30 or 60 day minimalist challenges or no spend months. Others write about how minimalism has helped them live better lives or share observations on minimalism. Others share their struggles with spending/consuming.

There’s a lot of food for thought for days when minimalism and simple living might feel a bit too hard.


Most minimalist will appreciate a feed of minimalist art, photography and lifestyle images, and this app is loaded with all of the above. Some members even create and curate minimalist wallpapers for phones and tablets. In a way it’s like Pinterest, but just for minimalists.

Ask and answer questions.

Do you have questions about minimalism? Ask your questions and get answers from people of all walks of life. No question is too silly and there are always members happy to answer. I can’t tell you how much awesome stuff I’ve learned just by browsing the answers to “simple” questions.

Live chat.

You can talk to members via blog post comments, private messaging or live group chat. There are dozens of live chat groups so far, each with their own focus or area of interest.

If you’re new to minimalism or just want to connect with people who share in your lifestyle, the minimalist amino app is our #1 recommended minimalist tool.

Best of all, it’s free.



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