LUX Issue Vol 1

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LUX Issue Volume 1.  In our inaugural LUX Journal ISSUE of curated style, architecture, design, and fashion we introduce one of our favorite style influencers @igeeokafor, explore 100 year of fashion in 100 seconds, look at the comeback of polaroids, Joseph Eichler’s iconic legacy in modern design, and more….

LUX Issue Vol 1

Volume 1

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100 years of fashion in 100 seconds
Polaroids are Back
Somehow, everything that was old is new again and Polaroids are the newest, old thing that is now new again. (Did that make any sense?). An Easy, Quick and Super Affordable (Under $20) Wall Art Idea To Try. See More..
Eichler's Iconic '60s Mid-Century Home Gets a Modern Refresh
Joseph Eichler is the 'GodFather' of midcentury modern architecture. This is mainly because of the number of homes he developed in the midcentury modern style in California during the postwar construction boom. See More...
Iconic Sneaker
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“I love to say that I am a hippy. I lived in California for a year and that really brainwashed me. I love the Boho style. Everything is so simple and colorful. See More..
This is pretty cool, go old school vinyl on the go with SpinBox. See More..

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Costume designer and stylist, Miyako Bellizzi gives some awesome and eye opening tips on how to achieve a stylish look on a budget. See More...
How to Host a Dinner Party
Food, drink, friends, good conversation is what makes a great dinner party. Here is how to be the best host for the best dinner party. See More...