Let’s Quit Fast Fashions!

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It’s Time to Quit Fast Fashion.

You’ve done the research, talked to some friends about it, and decided it’s time to quit fast fashion once and for all. Like any obsession (yes, those too-cheap prices and fast-moving trends can be addicting), it’s not going to be easy to stop cold turkey. But, it will be worth it.

But where do you begin when walking into Forever 21 and buying a selection of shoes, jewelry, and clothing on a whim is no longer an option? And how do you find a brand you can trust — one that’s ethical, sustainable, and fashion-forward, too?

Here are 10 tips from Sophia of Sophia’s Fashion Diary on how she was able to quit fast fashion.

  1. Recognize your tendency to junk clothes, shoes and accessory shop. Like a dieter who normally snacks on a chocolate bar at 3pm but who is seeking to introduce healthier food into their life, recognize where fast fashion is fitting into your life – are you using it as a reward? A quick pick me up…? … Stop it!

  2. Come to an understanding that all those cheap small purchases add up. You can literally put yourself in debt $10 at a time. “If your justification for continuing to buy fast fashion is ‘But it only cost ….!,’ then it’s time to reconnect the small dollars to the bigger financial picture,” says Sophia. Every dollar counts, even if you’re buying items $10 or $20 at a time.

  3. Flush out of your wardrobe the fast fashion that’s clogging it up.  This may not happen overnight or even in a few months. “It can take some time to cull and cleanse your wardrobe of all the unwanted items that don’t deserve a place in it,” says Sophia, “but if you have decided that fast fashion is not the pathway through which you want to create and curate a wonderful working wardrobe, then having a plan to remove those items from your existing wardrobe must surely be part of your wardrobe management plan.”

  4. Consume fashion at a slower pace. You don’t have to be in a constant state of acquisition, buying more and more all the time.  Slow your shopping down, at least for clothing, shoes, accessories and other appearance related items.  Give yourself a break from shopping and simply create some space for life to flow without so much shopping in it.

  5. Conduct some research into where fast fashion comes from. Those cheap clothes came from somewhere! And if you aren’t paying for it at the cash register, you can guarantee that somewhere someone in the production process is paying for it. “Fast fashion comes at a price – if not to you the end consumer, then from someone somewhere further up the production line,” Sophia Says.

  6. Pay closer attention to how who you are shopping with is impacting your shopping behavior and attitudes, especially in your consumption of fast fashion.  Sometimes we can enrol ‘partners in crime’ unintentionally and unwittingly into our shopping experiences.

  7. Tune into your shopping drivers and your why. We all have reasons that prompt our shopping behaviour and attitudes, and exploring what yours are, and where the consumption of fast fashion fits into your shopping picture, will give you important insights into changing those behaviours and attitudes.  Especially if becoming a more conscious consumer is your goal.

  8. Learn what your shopping conditions are. “Sometimes we shop for fast fashion because we have simply made it oh so easy, too easy, to do it,” Sophia Says. Like driving home past McDonalds, if we make accessing fast fashion too easy, we aren’t setting ourselves up to succeed if we want to remove fast fashion from our lives, and our wardrobes.

  9. Be attentive to the Before, During and After nature of shopping that makes you feel good (and shopping that does the opposite – makes you feel bloated, guilty and unhealthy).  Make healthier choices so that all your shopping, every single shopping event and every single purchase, makes you feel good – before you shop, during your shopping, and after your shopping trip.

  10. “Find other things besides shopping to fill your time and take up your attention,” suggests the blogger. The world is simply brimming with interesting and uplifting activities and people and experiences – you are limited only by your imagination!





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