What your iPhone Case Says About you

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These days, our iPhones are practically glued to our hands during every waking moment of the day. We need them by our sides at all times for potential life or death situations, like checking the weather for rain or streaming free movies while we’re we’re at work. Sometimes we even Google things or check to see what are friends are up to on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Myspace… you get the point.


With all we put our phones through, it’s only right that we dress them with as much care as we dress ourselves. That’s right — your phone case isn’t just a means of keeping your phone out of harm’s way. It’s also a testament of your personal style.


Do you pull out all the stops when it comes to your flashy phone cover? Prefer to go naked? Read on to find out what your phone case says about you.


The Nudist

If you choose to go without a case, you either possess the death-grip of a chimpanzee or the confidence of a high-school cheerleading captain. You also don’t care about the risk of carrying around a shattered phone, so its likely that you have AppleCare. Either way, it takes true courage to venture out into the world without the proper phone protection.
Some would call it brave, but most people would call it dangerous.


The Tank

Your phone is shelved in between two pieces of clunky, black plastic and you couldn’t be any happier. You don’t mind that your phone case makes you the least approachable guy at parties, because nothing is more important to you than protecting your iPhone — even if you have to transform it into a brick to do so. Carrying your phone around in a tacky, tank-like phone case takes a lot of guts. But hey, it’s not like your planning on picking up phone numbers at the mall! 
Your phone’s not so stylish, but definitely closer to indestructible than ever before. 


The Classic Skin

You’re definitely responsible enough to recognize the fact that you need a phone case, but you’re somewhat afraid of commitment. You aren’t exactly boring, but you’ve never quite been the life of the party either. You want to protect your device, but you don’t want to be seen with anything too outlandish. You most likely skip out on patterns, embellishments, and trendy tech accessories in favor of a go-with-everything option. “Just enough to get by” should be your motto.


The Conversation Starter

You’re exciting to say the least. There never a dull moment when your in public with your phone case that’s shaped like a cute animal or your favorite food dish. As much as you love the latest iteration of the iPhone family, you prefer to hide your device in a case that functions as more of an accessory on its own.


The Wallet

If you have this case, “packing light” is probably not in your vocabulary and you most likely travel with an entire entourage of people who don’t really like you that much. You think you’ve got it all figured out since you started storing your iPhone in the same place you keep your credit card, but sadly, only you and the rest of the wallet-casers that’s cool. 


The Crazy Couture:

Gaudy, much?
You change your phone’s case nearly as often as you change your own clothing. Bedazzled cases lose luster fast, which is why they’re often found in the hands of a teenage fashionista.In short, you want someone to notice your phone from a mile away and you want it to practically scream YOU.


The Charger:

You’re always on the go. Whether is here or there, traditional iPhone chargers aren’t enough to meet the needs of your demanding lifestyle. You leave the house first thing in the morning and don’t find yourself near an electrical outlet until late at night. You spend your day going back and forth between emails, your camera, Google Maps, and all forms of social media, and need a backup just in case your battery runs dry mid-swipe.
Your case doesn’t really do much to protect your phone though, which also shows how you can be a bit one-track minded. Don’t worry; when the charging function on your iPhone case breaks, you can still use it as a back-up.


The Luminator



Simply put — this is the case for the girl who loves a good selfie. Sure, you’ll look extremely conceited in public, but your followers are bound to appreciate the effort you put into your photos… right? If you find it difficult to go more than a few hours without capturing your #mood on some form of social media, you should look your best doing it.


The LuxBox

faith lord 3
Your an owner of the case that always brings it home — The LuxBox case. You were probably voted Best Dressed and Most Likely to Succeed amongst an array of other things in High-school. You’ve tried all of the other options and you refuse to choose between style or protection, so you rely on the Luxbox’s stylish unimold design to keep your iPhone protected. You appreciate the finer things in life, including the high-quality feel of the wood or wool on the back of your case that makes your LuxBox unique. 




LuxBox Case is designed to maintain the satisfying experience of using the iPhone while protecting it from general wear and accidental drops.