How To Show Your Personal Style Without Overdoing It

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It’s quite clear your personal style is something that its completely unique to you. No one is going to have their same favourite necklace that they always wear or their favourite vintage sweater from their grandmother they pull as soon as the leaves start to change. But, sometimes it can definitely be a statement, and unfortunately, misunderstood by some. Dressing up at the wrong event can cause people to judge you as snobby, or dressing in sneakers and jeans at a formal event can definitely be taken as a sign of disrespect.


But, what if sneakers are just you? They’re what you’re most comfortable in and what makes you feel good. It’s completely understandable. And with the formal events aside (we all know that sometimes, you just have to clean up your look weather your love it or hate it), how do you show your personal style without coming across as too much? You know, without making too much of a statement and creating a strong first impression. (I’m talking about purple hair, studs, military boots and a leather jacket to pick up your kids from soccer practise – but then again, some can swing it). The whole point of your personal style is to show who you are without having to say anything. So, what’s a happy medium? What’s the in-between that’s suitable for the workplace, taking your kids on playdates to the park, but still looking fashionable and adding a flair of your personality? Here’s some key things to do to find that happy medium, and still be fashionable, but not too over the top.


  1. Make Comfort a Key Point

Realistically, you’re only really going to feel good in what you actually feel comfortable in. No one likes jeans that bulge and shirts that stretch. Ladies, have you ever worn a skirt that just keeps riding up? It’s embarrassing to say the least. Not to mention the annoyance of constantly having to pull it down. When you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit you correctly, or you feel uncomfortable in, you’re really not showing your own personal style, since you can’t really be your true self. Your mind is pre-occupied with “dose this look okay” “can they tell that these jeans are a little too small” or, “ugh, I feel like I look really silly right now”, or something along those lines. To avoid this – make it a rule to only buy / wear clothes that make you feel good, what’s the point of wearing things that lower your self-esteem anyways?

2. Find Unique Accessories

It’s a minimalist trick – have really basic and neutral clothes and make your outfit pop with accessories. The pros to this? You can splurge a little bit on your basics, because you know you’re going to be wearing them a lot (yes, that means nicely cut t-shirts and jeans that really do make your ass look good). It also means that you’ll be able to go bold with accessories. Have you ever wanted to try an oversize clutch or scarf? With simple clothes, you’ll be able to draw attention to you accessories, and this usually means you extenuate features that are memorable. If you wear earrings, you’re drawing attention to your neck and face – so people will be more drawn to remember your smile. If you’re wearing a super interesting pair of shoes, and the rest of your outfit is plane, then a person’s attention will be first drawn to your shoes, then directly to your face – also a nicely subtle way to show your style, but not shape your first impression of your personality.


3. Buy Quality Over Quantity

This one goes off the other points – if you’re always going to be wearing your favourite clothes and accessories, make sure they aren’t wearing out. This means that it’s probably a good idea to buy a little better quality jacket or boots, especially if you’re the type of person who wears clothes again and again until the threads break. Why else should you buy quality over quantity? Chances are, you’ve probably experienced buying cheap products before and decided it’s not your vibe. You don’t want to deal with buttons popping off your jeans or plastic phone cases not fitting on your phone. Besides, buying cheap things over and over again really hikes up a price tag. So instead, choose the things that you like and make the yours. Rock that somewhat expensive pair of dress shoes or that leather jacket. Having items for longer periods of time definitely makes your style more “yours.”



4. Think of Functionality

Chances are, if you buy an evening purse that doesn’t fit your phone, you’re not going to use it. If you buy a wallet that doesn’t fit your cards, it’s likely not even going to make it out of the box or the bag you bought it in (p.s. if you need a new wallet, check these out). Showing your personal style is all about wearing and sporting the things you want to be seen in, and the things that make you feel good. As much as we want to lie to ourselves about this one – wearing a jacket that meant for autumn in the dead of winter – just because it’s cute, isn’t really you. You’re going to cold and second guessing your style choice, which in turn makes you not so confident about your style. So, instead, choosing items that you’ll actually enjoy using AND fit your style is undoubtedly the way to go.


5. Make Your Everyday Items Stand Out



Have you ever heard the saying “you are the books you read, the people you spend time with and the things you do”? It’s undeniably true. What you do everyday really makes you, you. So, why should your everyday products clash with your style and your lifestyle? When you think about it, we’re constantly using key items such as our phone, keys, knapsack, etc. so we better make sure we like them, right? Where do you find products that fit your style, are functional and make you feel good sporting them? It’s actually not as hard as it seems…

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How’s that for a head start?? Now, we’ve given you a guide to how to show your personal style in those little details – now it’s up to you to rock your personal style. Don’t worry, with the right items you’re not going to overdo it!




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