How To Keep Your Phone Clean (while still using it like a normal person)

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Isn’t it the best feeling unboxing something new? The excitement to tear away each layer after of carefully thought out, branded packaging. After tearing the last layer, your brand new gift ( weather it was to yourself or from someone. Who cares right) finally awaits. Prompt up, just glimmering at you like there were stage lights on it, you clutch it in your hands for the very first time. You admire the corners, the edges, the materials and design. Your mind then stands in awe thinking about all the occasions that this item will make you life better, and all the scenarios play in your head like a movie. Images flash after one another of your shiny new item with new clothes, or your friends admiring it, or simply just using it and enjoying the way it looks and the way that makes you feel. You want to save this amazing feeling forever right? Sadly, the forever ends in about 1 week for most products, or even less. Your shoes get scuffs on them, your leather handbag gets some dints and your phone will most definitely get some scratches, dirt in the buttons and on the screen that just peeled the plastic film off of (one of the most satisfying feelings, we know).

Products that are more necessary, like a cell phone, footwear, or even your car take a decent amount of maintenance to keep them working the way they should. Typically, the more functional the product is the more you use it, which explains ware-and-tare on them. They’re your most beloved products, so you should give them a break and take good care of them. Here’s some tips on how to take care of your phone (probably your most used product).

  1. Wash Your Hands
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Okay, obviously this is common sense that you surely follow, but did you know that the average phone screen actually contains more germs than a toilet seat? This fact is becoming pretty known since it’s a little bit of a mind game to think about. You touch your phone when you’re scrolling through a recipe cooking, you touch it when you’ve been climbing on rocks hiking, you touch it when your in the washroom…the list goes on.

If you remember to maybe not touch your phone so much in these instances, and when your hands are super clean it will make an impact on the cleanliness of your phone.

2. Actually Clean Your Phone

We tend to think that since our phone is basically our new body part, we can bring it wherever we go… like everywhere. And if you’re anything like me, I find myself putting my phone in the weirdest places – on top of the fridge (dust central), on café tables, on the ground since I drop it 27 times a day, in the grass or dirt when camping or sitting on the ground, even in the most used public spaces without thinking about it. After a night out, you may be sitting on the curb with your phone beside you… on the ground. I mean, it’s worse than a toddler in finding dirty places to get into. Then we atomically hold it up to our ear, take it in our bed, by our pillow and don’t think twice of it. Sounds super silly when you lay it all out like that doesn’t it? Take 40% rubbing alcohol, 60% water and a microfiber cloth and you’re done. It’s important to do this every once and a while since some bacteria can really build up.

3. Use Headphones

To avoid acne, electronic rays in your ears, and your arm cramping up during long phone calls, and of course excess dirt on your phone, using headphones is the ultimate solution. Luckily, all headphones now-a-days have a built in microphone and speaker, so going hands-free is a no-brainer. Always keep a pair on hand when your out so you can not only make taking a call much easier, but also keep your hands off your phone and your phone safety stored in your pocket or purse. By the way, you can use AERZ Airpods and Apple earbuds skins to keep your ear buds dirt free too.

4. Don’t Eat With It

Have you ever gone out for dinner with someone who sits there on their phone, either taking photos of their food or texting until you’re their food is cold? Dosen’t make much sense dose it? Or that person who texts and eats at the same time? Okay, it requires some skill, but also maybe a bit of mess too, right? Eating with your phone nearby makes it a lot more likely that you’ll spill on your phone and make it dirty, or even worse- damage it. Besides, what happened to the days we could dive into our food without the perfect Instagram photo – let’s bring those back:)

5. Remember Your Phone Is Not A Childs Toy

We completely understand the joys and difficulties of having a toddler, it’s definitely a whirlwind.  Many times there’s this only this one toy or this one song that will calm them down form their temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. It can be hard, and giving your child your phone can be a quick fix. But, if you think about how dirty it is, and the amount of times they put their hands in their mouth, maybe you’d second guess it. There are millions of toys that serve the same purpose, or if candy crush or whatever game on the phone is the absolute saving grace for your child, try and find an old phone (or better yet – and iPod) for them to use. Besides, it’s a little less worry free that way right?

6. Use a Phone Case

We saved the best for last because we’ve made it extra sweet. It’s obvious that the main reason in buying a phone case is protection for your phone. That includes protection from breaks, drops, scratches, and also from dirt or liquids. But, most phone cases that do this, obviously look like it’s for protection. But your phone case doesn’t have to. You know, those Lifeproof or Otterbox cases with the screen protector attached? Setting those down on the table beside your friends, it makes your phone look really industrial, even if you just put a new case on. Fast forward a few weeks, your screen protector has scratches and dirt molded into it (how do these things even happen?) and it is making your phone look more and more like a “work phone”…. Defiantly not the cleanest image. So, here’s where our super sweet ending kicks in. Here’s a link toThe WTFactory Shop were you can shop for stylish, functional, and well designed phone cases. Want a clean look? Here’s our top picks for the best easy-to-clean, modern and unique phone cases.

LuxBoxCase White Marble, because what’s cleaner looking than sparkling white marble?

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