How To Keep It at 100% – Phone Battery Edition

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So you’re already keeping it at 100%. You’ve got some killer style and a busy life. People are calling and emailing you daily and you’re always out and about either listening to music on the go, or snapping pictures of new places you visit. Your phone plays a very important role in keeping things in check and running smoothly, but of course – it can never catch up to your busy lifestyle. So when you’re exploring new cities, you end up getting lost thanks to your phone dying half way through your voyage and no longer having the trusted guide of Google Maps. Or even worse, half-way though booking a ticket or dealing with technical support, you hit 0% and all that hard work was lost. The 35 minute hold time, the transferring departments and then finally a repetitive, all to have to do it over again when your phone is 100% charged. Then there’s always the highly dramatic situation of your phone dying in the middle of an important conversation with your significant other. Either you’ve been on the end where the phone dies and have had your partner decide that you are broken up. They have thought of you as extremely childish to just hang up the phone in the middle of a talk. Or, you’ve been on the other side, and quickly plugged your phone in and hoped you didn’t do much damage leaving them hanging for 5 minutes. Either way, having your phone die, especially when you were hoping for it to power through is one of the worst inconveniences and can seriously dampen some plans or set you back a couple hours.


Here’s how to avoid it and still keep up with your busy and on-the-go lifestyle.


Don’t Plug Your Phone in Unless It’s Dead

You’re phone battery is probably a Lithium-ion battery, which means it actually has a digital memory. If you plug your phone in at 50%, it will decrease the accuracy of the devices power gauge. Instead, it’s important to keep full cycles a routine so that it dose not disrupt the memory, and therefore cause the battery to shorten its life-long length. When you plug it in at 50%, the charge is treated as a full charge, so therefore it is still charging past its capacity (when it is 100%), thus making it possible to overheat. The battery then implants this in it’s digital memory, and therefore does not give you fully optimized charging.


Play it Cool


Seriously. Make sure your phone keeps it’s cool. It’s extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Exposure to heat causes the battery to degrade at a faster pace. When your battery degrades, it then will not run as well, and probably contribute to you loosing your cool. If you live in a place with hot temperatures, make sure you keep it in the shade, and never leave it sitting out in the sun, as easy as it is to do!


Switch On The Necessary

If you have a relatively new phone, it probably has power-saving mode, which is a great way to save your battery life. Although, you have to keep in mind to not always keep your phone on power-saving mode – as tempting as it seems. Here’s why – when your phone is always on power saving mode, some of your apps have limited power to send push notifications through. So, these actually are lined up in your que. Since they are lined up, they are sending you notifications to inform you that they did not go through, which in turn, uses more battery. Only try to use power saving mode when necessary to elongate the length of your battery. When charging your phone, it’s also important to switch on airplane mode. This turns off all of your data, including apps that are working in the background, and makes your phone only focus on only the necessary – charging.


Turn Off The Unnecessary


Many apps work in the background and seriously drain your battery without you even noticing. Apps and settings such as Bluetooth, background refresh and airdrop, spotlight. Hey google and Hi Siri hot words also drain a lot of your battery. When you’re in conversation and you mention Siri, it wil trigger your new Siri screen to pop up, which takes a substantial amount of batter. Visual effects, live widgets, and live wallpaper are also big battery consumers. You would think that factory settings would include the most efficient settings, but of course, instead they are defaulted to the best user friendly experience. This means that things, such as a moving home screen are featured, but by no means do you need to use them. Because all in all, what would you rather have? A home screen that moves 0.02mm, or 10% more battery?


Do a Background Check


Okay, not literally – but for your phone. Often, many apps drain the battery and are constantly running in the background. In settings of your phone, navigate to which apps use your location service. For example, apps that you use for work, or only some purposes, such as Google Hangouts or Slack don’t need to know your location. While you’re in settings, head over to battery settings and check which apps use the most battery. Here, you can tell which ones you need to tone down the usage when you’re counting on your battery. Sometimes, they are apps you need to delate all together!


Go To The Source



Your phone battery has a lot to do with how you charge your phone. There are a couple hacks you can use to optimize charging, and avoid drainage. Putting your phone on airplane mode while you charge helps it charge faster, and gives you’re a peaceful, wifi-less nights rest. Plus, if you’re somewhere that you are not connected to wifi, you’re phone will use its precious battery life trying to pick up signal to be “ready” for your use. When you are charging, avoid using fast charge. As mentioned previously, this will confuse the memory of the battery is used frequently. Only use it when you need to, and let it take it’s sweet time when you can. Lastly, check your charger. As a rule of thumb, it’s always important to try to use the same charge that came in the box when purchased, but we ALL know how unrealistic that is. Although, there can be some serious damage caused to your phone by using cheap chargers. Electric burst are not orchestrated in a timely manner with a cheaper charger, thus making your charge uneasy and rocky, like a boat. And what happens when it too uneasy and rocky all the time? It capsizes.


By using these tips to keep your phone close to 100, you’ll be able to keep it 100% and rock it through your busy day, explore through unknown cities or towns, and keep it cool and connected the whole time. Now that you’ve taken care of the inside of your phone, it’s time to amp up the outside.

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