How to Get Dressed Faster in the Mornings (with Help From Vic Styles!)

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10 Things to Try if Your Morning Routine is in Need of Speed

It’s one of those mornings: you’re running 15 minutes late for work (already), standing in a towel in front of your closetwondering, “WTF am I going to wear today?!” The only thing worse than waking up and showering early is showing up to work late because you just couldn’t find anything to wear.

Unless you’re an undercover super hero, you’ve probably experienced your fair share “morning scrambles.” You know, those days when, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to pull it together and get ready in an even remotely reasonable amount of time. You end up late to work because you couldn’t decide on the shoes you want to wear or get your hands on the necklace you need.

We know how frustrating it can be to get lost in a room of your own clothes, so we called on the help of celebrity stylist and fashion forward influencer Vic Styles. No matter how much you shop, you’ll always have one of those days when you don’t like anything in your closet. The key to spending precious minutes lingering at your closet door, though, is to prepare in advance. And we have 7 tips that will help you do just that. Need to get out the door faster? Click through the slideshow to find out how you can make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

1. Check the weather forecast the night before 

If you wake up to find it’s pouring rain — and yet you have no idea where to find your rain coat or umbrella — well, that’s going to add quite a bit of time to the morning routine. Do yourself a favor and check the forecast the night before so you can have all the accessories you need at the ready.

“My starting point is always the whether,” the stylist tells us. “That and what I’m doing for the day! If it’s cold, that’ll determine what I’m wearing. If I’m walking around a lot, I’m going to start by picking flats. If I’m going to an event where I may not be standing much, I can wear heels!”

2. Stock-up on dreses

Why spending time putting pieces together? Grab a dress and it’s one-and-done! Separates can take tons of time to locate and then to match, whereas throw on a flattering frock and you’re out the door quick. “I always rely on dressed since they’re outfits in themselves,” Vic says. “A dress and nice jewelry can make you look fully dressed without even trying.” 

3. Plan in Advance

The fashion forward begin planning their event wardrobes as soon as possible. The rest of us, scramble our clothes before we scramble our eggs in the morning.

Planning is the best way to eliminate the stress of getting dressed, whether your at home or on the go. “When I travel, I pre-plan and try on everything before I go,” she says. “If I need something, I go shopping for it because I don’t want to overpack. I feel like when you don’t know what you’re going to wear, you overpack. For example, my cousin is having a wedding in August. I’m going to know what I’m wearing in advance and not just hope to pick something out of my closet. I’ll probably start shopping for that in July.”

So from here on out, pretend like everyday is the day before school picture day. Have every detail planned by the night before!

4. Wear All Black 

One of the most frustrating time sucks in the mornings can be trying to match the various components of an outfit. Make like New York girls, known for wearing lots of black for any occasion year round. It looks smart, and it’s practical too — since every piece matches! Plus, adding a statement piece or pop of color is a piece of cake with a black canvas.

5. Get a go-to blazer

After dressed and jewelry, Vic say’s she can always count on her black blazer to help her quickly capture a look.

The thing about a well-tailored blazer (or even a mediocrely tailored one, to be honest), is that it has the power to pull together an entire outfit — no matter how disheveled it might otherwise be. It can even be used to hide stains on a blouse that you didn’t have time to clean, or to dress up a too-casual work wardrobe when everything else is at the dry cleaner.’

6. Pre-Approve a Few Outfits

Much like a stylist, Vic often arranges outfits during her down time. Since she doesn’t watch TV or go-out much, she uses her free time to try on different outfits every week or so. Then, so remember every detail, she photographs them in the mirror!

“I’m not going anywhere in this hour and a half that I’m doing this,” she says. “I’m literally just playing with clothes, putting things together and photographing them. That way, when it is time for me to go somewhere, I’ve already created these looks. I look back to those pictures like, ‘Oh I did put this together last week, wear this!'”

7. Tidy Your Closet!

It might seem like a huge time commitment to organize your closet — but a tidy space can slash your getting-dressed time every single morning. We asked Vic if her closet was helping or hurting her from getting dressed in the morning. Here’s what she had to say:

It’s definitely helping! I just re-did my closet the other day!Now It’s very organized; I have shoe racks, its color coordinated, but also style-coordinated. So all my white shirts are together and all my black dresses are together.

You should always keep your closet clean and organized! It’s so much easier to find a white shirt when the white shirts are all hanging up neatly together.

8. ONLY Keep Clothes That Fit

Sound weird? We know, but we’re all guilty of holding on to ill-fitting dresses or jeans in hopes one day they’ll work for us the way we want them to. “As women, sometimes we’re like ‘Oh, I’ll get back in that dress that I haven’t worn in 6 years!'” Vic Says. “But then, when you get ready to reach for it and it doesn’t fit, you’ll question “Why is this even in my closet?!'”

9. Toss What Doesn’t Fit into Your Personal Look

If you get frustrated getting dressed every morning, it may be due to your lack of interest in those cheesy graphic tees you’re still holding onto from six years ago.

“Like I tell my clients, when you’re developing a personal style, it’s kind of like going on a diet. In your fridge, when you go on a diet, you’re not going to have ice cream, soda and candy, because when you get hungry that’s what you’re going to reach for,” Vic said. 

The same goes for your style. When you want to develop a specific personal style, anything that doesn’t fit that, you want to try and get rid-off. “If you want to be edgy and spunky,” she says, “you want to get rid of your sperrys and your polo shirts. Bcause when you don’t have anything to wear, that’s what you’re going to reach for.Then you’ll be frustrated that you don’t look the way you’d like!”