How to Choose the Coolest and Most Flattering Glasses (and look like the Smart a$$ Hipster you are)

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Nothing says hipster like a smart pair of glasses frames…..

Especially if their vintage…

or vintage looking…

or clear frames….

or wire frames….

Oh 🤔, I guess you just HAVE to have glasses….

OH YEAH, and if you’re a guy – you HAVE to have a beard too

Anyway (I digress, I digress)

The thing is, it’s tough to choose just the right pair of glasses to pull of the look you’re going for.

I’ve found some super helpful video tutorials on how to choose the right glasses for you…

Jose Zuniga talks uses some celebrity examples of guys looking really cool in glasses to illustrate the principles and subtle things that make a pair of eyeglasses look really good (or unfortunately unfitting)….

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell exactly what is making a pair of glasses look 💯vs 👎🏼

@HellosfromJo gives a great review of the Warby Parker try on at home experience.

@TordisCord is just giving you another great look at some cool modern looks to think about as well…

Here is a great infographic shortcut to reference according to the shape of your face

How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face Shape #Infographic