How To Build Your Keyring So You Never Forget Your Necessities

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Weather you’re the type of person always forgetting things,like the sunglasses on top of your head, or you have a specific chair in your bedroom you plan your outfits on for each day and have a notebook full of lists – there is no doubt that we all forget things sometimes no matter how hard we try. And we can all agree, when you really need something, such as some files for a presentation, or a bag for groceries – we have a sinking feeling in our stomch picturing it sitting out our kitchen counter, ready to go out the door with us that morning.

It’s completely human forget things, especially when we’re busy, running around from task to task, thinking of 27 other things at the same time. That’s exactly why we love tips and tricks to make our life a little easier and help us in remember those little things on our busy days. And, of course, we all have keys, probably a lot of them, so here’s how to organize and add to your keyring so you never forget the important things.

Find A Keyring That Fits Your Stuff

We’ve all been there before, adding ring after ring onto your keys. Soon you realize you’re carrying a long chain of keys and rings, jiggling in your pockets and taking up unnecessary space. It seems those cheap keyrings keep multiplying and multiplying, but when you go to tackle this problem, it seems like you need them all to keep all your stuff together. If you group them into one, it’s too crowded and nearly impossible to fiddle with the ring to put more than one thing on it, and when you try to take one away, you’re suck there nearly breaking your nails trying to open the ring enough to fit the other, bigger ring in. Why not just get rid of these annoying key rings and swap in one big ring?

You need something that fits all of your stuff, without creating a chain of little rings, and  you can save your perfect manicure, too. With a bigger ring, like the Midtown Keyring, you have a 6 inch (15.24cm) circumference that comfortably fits 10-12 Regular Keys + 2 Large Car Keys + Key Fob + 5 Shopper Cards and room for the ring to comfortably and easily move and sort through your keys. So, now that that’s settled, it brings us to what to actually put on your keyring.

Add The Right Things To Your Keyring

So, it’s quite possible you have an abnormal amount of keys. No one knows how this happens – it just does- but that’s okay. But it’s also important to keep things other than keys on your keyring to make your life a little easier. Since you’re always carrying your keys, it only makes sense to carry around things that are worth carrying around, and can protect you when you forget something really important (like a presentation to report). So here’s a breakdown of things you can add to your keyring now that you have all that extra space:)

1. Color Coat Your Keys

It’s obvious that you need your keys. Weather it’s 5 or 15 keys, putting them on a single ring will allow you to easily flip through them to be able to find the right one. Although, you’re still going to be fiddling at each door, testing key after key. A great way to avoid this is to colour coat your keys. You can either buy plastic tags to color coat your keys, or you can try the DIY way with nail polish. Simply pick your favorite colours, apply two coats and a couple layers of top coat. If you’re artistic you can even draw designs on the keys. Get creative! Remember, you don’t need to colour coat every key if you do not want to, even a few important keys that look the same will help!

2. Find Your Favorite Key Cards

Narrow down your wallet and find the 4 ( or less) point cards you use the most. These can be for your grocery store, favourite clothing store, gas card, etc. Even if you have the full sized card in your wallet, the next time you’re out at these locations – as for a key fob version. This way you’ll never forget to get your extra points when you’re shopping for your weekly groceries or grabbing gas. These points can really add up – so think which point cards add the most value to you.

3. Keep Your Phone Always Charged

Wait what, how? Well, since 90% of the time you’re going to have your car keys, why not attach a charge onto your keys? By attaching the Nomad Key to your ring you’re never have to worry about forgetting your charger again. It’s a key-shaped smartphone cable that fits onto your keychain. It works like your normal cable for charging and syncing your phone – plug one end into a USB port and the other end into your mobile device.

4. Motivate Yourself To Hit The Gym

What’s one of the oldest motivation tactics in the books? Keeping something on hand to remind you get to the gym. And what’s better for that than attaching your gym membership to your keys? Everytime you grab your keys to go out you’re going to see the shiny red membership flopping around reminding you that you should probably hit the gym this week. P.S. learn how to go hands-free at the gym with SlimClip Case.

5. Make Sure Your Important Files Are Always  With You

Are you the type of person that backs up everything in the cloud or are you completely screwed if your laptop dies? Regardless if what you’re doing now, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a second copy of your important files. Carrying a USB on your keys will ensure you have a second copy of anything important, with you, wherever you go. Not to mention that it can become super handy if you need to present reports for work or school, or you sometimes work offline while traveling. Having a USB on hand is a simple, and safe way to protect your files. Plus, you never know when you’ll want to steal someone’s music playlist of photos 🙂

6. Make It Personal

This one is a complete preference, but why not make your keys a little personal? You’re carrying them around all the time, so adding a little trinket or key fob that sparks interest and can tell a story is a good idea. If you’ve traveled, buying something from a local artist and attaching it to your keys is a nice reminder of the place you’ve traveled, or even adding a strip of color or your favourite sports team is a good way to make it personal. Plus, it always makes it much easier to find it in the bottom of your bag!

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