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LuxBox Case is the Classic Statement Case for the iPhone

No more choosing between protection and personal style.  

No more hunks of black plastic killing your vibe!

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luxbox case by thewtfatory featured on these publications

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An amazing thing happens when you Subtract the Unnecessary

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Why LuxBox Case ZERO?


You don’t want to sacrifice your personal style for the sake of protecting your iPhone.

• You hate the way your case doubles the size of your phone, but you’d much rather carry a brick around than risk introducing a new crack to your screen.
• You could purchase a stylish case, but you're afraid that it won’t actually do anything to protect your iPhone.
• You don’t really want to be carrying around a hunk of plastic, but you also don’t want your phone all exposed and vulnerable.
After all, you purchased your iPhone to enjoy all of it's features, right?
Now it seems you'd rather limit them by caging your phone in a hulking piece of plastic.

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Exhibit A


LuxBox Case ZERO Story

While designing the NEXT Generation of LuxBox Case, instead of adding features and ended up with a mass of complexity; We decided to strip away everything that wasn't necessary.
Surprisingly, after Subtracting the Unnecessary - we ended up with.......

"This isn't like any other Ultra-Thin iPhone Case on the market" - J Keith Hall



I finally got a stylish case that actually protects my phone. I usually opt for style over protection in an iPhone case. LuxBox Cases are actually made to protect your phone and blend with the iPhone's sleek and streamlined design.
- Marissa Pomerance

This case is chic and protective. I’m sort of a minimalist, so it fits my style.
- Kara Smith

Well then what can I say, I am a man who is not easily impressed, but this is pretty unique. It’s a sleek design and feels great. It doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the phone.
- Erik Parapar

It has not always been easy to find a protective phone case that appeals to me, and my lifestyle. Normally, I seek out slim, sleek, cases with a simple, unique and cohesive design. My issue always stems from phone cases either being the right design, and the wrong sizing, and vice versa. Luckily for me, I have found that the LuxBox cases have my preferences covered - Minimal colors, good grip, slim, and modernistic.
- Igee Okafor

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Enhanced Sure Grip Surface

Enlarged Camera Opneing for iPhone 7 + extended camera rim to protect the camera surface

Tough - Super Thin (0.5mm) Shell

theWTFactory 365 day FREE Replacement Program

Beveled Front Rim extends out in front of screen to Protect Screen from accidental drops

Wide Opening for iPhone Silencing Switch

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What iPhone sizes does LuxBox Case ZERO fit? 

For now we will only be producing LuxBox Case ZERO for the standard 4.7 inch versions of iPhone: iPhone 7, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6S


How can the same case fit both the iPhone 7 versions and the iPhone 6 versions?
Both the iPhone 7 & iPhone 6/6S are essentially the same size, the dimensional differences are only very small (about the size of the radius of a single strand of hair). The fitting difference is primarily due to the larger size of the camera openings and the different port fenestrations of the iPhone 7 versions.

What iPhone sizes does LuxBox Case MARBLE fit? 

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 PLUS (NOT iPhone 6 / 6S)

Does LuxBox Case MARBLE really have Genuine Marble? 


Will LuxBox Case ZERO protect my phone?
Yes.  LuxBox Case is made with a beveled rim that extends beyond the screen surface to protect against impact in case of an accidental drop on most surfaces.  The rim covers all four corners of the phone, which along with the screen surface is the most vulnerable areas when it comes to drop impact.  In addition, there is an extended rim around the edge of the camera opening that extends out beyond the camera surface to protect the camera as well.


What if I want to return it because it doesn’t work for me?
Contact us within 15 days of receiving LuxBox Case ZERO, and we will send you a return label and a full refund upon receipt of the return.


How does the 365 day replacement plan work?  
If for any reason, LuxBox Case ZERO breaks or stops functioning properly within the first year of use – contact us and we will send a return label and another LuxBox Case ZERO at no cost to you if it’s a domestic purchase.
*There is a small fee for international replacements