Eight Minimal Fashion Vloggers To Subscribe to On YouTube

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8 Follow-Worthy Vloggers for Your YouTube Feed

Minimalism. It’s a word that means little to some, everything to others, or brings to mind visions of folks trying to struggle through life with barely any belongings. If you’re new to minimalism, you might want to check out a few minimalist vloggers on YouTube to see if it’s something you’re interested in. The term minimalism is huge on social media right now, heck, there’s even a minimalism social media app.

If you still think minimalism is a trend, or you’re super curious about minimalism as a lifestyle, check out these fashion forward minimalist YouTubers who might open your eyes to a whole new world.

1. Jenny Mustard

Jenny Mustard is your go-to gal for everything minimalism. If her innate sense of style doesn’t immediately make you want to try minimalism out for yourself, her gorgeous minimalist apartment and generally beautiful way of life will.

2. Rachel Aust

If you’re wondering where on earth to begin, check out Rachel Aust’s wardrobe cull video. She also has a Minimalism Series which covers everything from fashion, to beauty, to interiors.

3. Sarah Nourse

Of course, once you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you don’t want to fill it back up again! In this video, Sarah Nourse discusses helpful minimalism shopping tips to keep you on track. Nourse’s story is seriously inspiring — on her channel she shows viewers her minimalist lifestyle and her travels as a lady from the USA, living in Europe.

4. Kelly Augustine

Plus size vlogger and blogger Kelly Augustine is your gal for stylish minimalism inspo. If you’re totally stuck and don’t know what you want your wardrobe to look like, check out her All-Black Everything Plus Size OOTD Haul video to help kick-start your own innate style.

5. Mademoiselle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the term, “capsule wardrobe.” If you’re someone who likes to dive into things, then curating a capsule wardrobe, with the help of Mademoiselle, could be right up your street!

6. HouseOfAesthetics

Folks who are struggling with how to make their new minimalist closet work on a day-to-day basis can get tons of ideas from HouseOfAesthetics’ Minimalism Series — particularly from this video that shows five outfits centered around six items.

7. Madeleine Olivia

Occasionally in life, it can be really tricky not to compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to leading a minimal lifestyle. Watching videos of other people living the kind of lifestyle you want to lead, living in immaculate surroundings might put you off the entire minimalism process. It’s really great to watch YouTubers, like Madeleine Olivia, who are in the midst of their minimalism journey, so you can find out tips and tricks, as well as things that worked or didn’t work for her. Plus, it’s super fun to have a nosey into someone’s else’s closet!

8. Samantha Lindsey

It may seem like an impossible feat, but minimalist YouTuber Samantha Lindsey shares with viewers how to pack for a fortnight in Europe, using just a carry-on. Minimalism isn’t just about keeping and wearing things you love and feeling great in them, it’s also about practicality and living intentionally.

–No matter if you just want to use minimalism as a tool to help you declutter your closet, or if you want it to touch all areas of your life, these YouTubers are sure to help you on your journey towards a more minimal life!




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