The Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Minimalism is the perfect antidote to the gluttony that consumes our ego-driven, materialistic world.

Minimalist tendencies have trickled into the worlds of fashion and design to create one of the most noticeable, on-going trends of the past decade. “These days, people are trying to create statements with focal pieces versus relying on unnecessary embellishments,” says Jacqueline Palmer of A Design Lifestyle, who’s also a San Francisco interior designer, fashion stylist, set designer, miracle worker, and proud minimalist.

Less is officially more in 2016, according to Jacqueline. “A clean, fresh look is simply more desired these days,” she says. Thankfully, many people have evolved to find satisfaction in simplicity. So if you’re a minimalist, congratulations on disproving decades of social values! Thanks to you, there’s a sense of individuality amongst the mass trend-hopping population.

Regardless as to where your minimalistic tendencies originated, the mindset is bound to inhabit the way you go about making your every day choices. If you consider yourself a minimalist, you know the benefits of minimalism go far beyond what you could explain in a single blog post, so we left it up to Jacqueline to name some of her favorite things about living a minimal lifestyle. Here are a few of the many reasons minimalism is the perfect lifestyle:

You’re as mobile as you want to be

Since you’re a minimalist, you don’t have a lot of possessions; so your closet most likely isn’t flooding over from an excessive amount of shoes.


Need to pack up all of your things and leave the country at the spur of the moment? Not a problem when you’re a minimalist! “Being able to travel for a long period of time, or pick up everything and move to another city has been the biggest advantage for me,” said Jacqueline.

Only having an eye for quality items makes your life simple and glamorous at the same time. Since you aren’t a trend follower, you only purchase things you actually use.

If only the rest of the world would catch on!

You save a crazy amount of money

Many people turn to a minimal lifestyle in order to save money; and they should, because it works. Minimalism does wonders for your budget, obviously, since it’s a lifestyle grounded on highlighting your necessities.

Frugality was never a popular topic among young people until the wave of minimalism washed up in 2016. When you recognize that you have what you need and start to develop a more content mindset, you’ll train your mind to spend less so that you’re bound to save more.

You have tons of space


Minimalism doesn’t require you to live in a huge house, but you also aren’t limited to the confines of a tiny apartment (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

It’s probably most obvious that embracing minimalism means you will have less clutter in your life, which means you have more space, and organization flows naturally out of the process. The less you have, the less organization you even need!

“I’m letting my own style guide my shopping instead of following trends. I tend to buy more

single, high quality pieces as opposed to things I’ll end up having to get rid of. It becomes super easy to create bulk in your closet if your continuously following trends and styles,” said the design blogger.

She wisely encourages her clients to take their time with perfecting a minimal look by only adding pieces to their home & wardrobe when necessary.

You have nicer things than most

As you bear down, the focus becomes quality over quantity. Instead of having 10 thingamajigs that sort of work or that you sort of like, you are able to afford 1 thingamajig that you really like and that does the job right.

You have greater focus and clarity in life

“Everything is okay in moderation.”

Minimalism is a good rule of thumb to apply to your life to keep your spending habits from spiraling out of control, and it serves as the perfect guide while you’re out and about in a world of temptations. “It’s a good reminder that you don’t need a ton of things, but just things that make you happy and serve a purpose,” said Jacqueline.


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You don’t have to tidy up very often

As we get rid of excess from our wardrobes, kitchen, and living spaces, we are able to spend less and less time trying to stay on top of it all. There is less laundry to do, fewer dishes, and the random piles that used to build up have dwindled and are starting to stay away.

You have a strategy to getting dressed

Since you don’t require much, you’ve perfected a getting-dressed regimen that produces a chic, minimal look to compliment your minimal lifestyle.

Jacqueline uses a 3-piece rule to put together most of her looks. “Focusing on a top and a bottom isn’t enough,” she says. Instead of putting all of her efforts into a typical top-bottom combination or falling victim to excessive layering, she always tries to put 3 statement pieces together that are interesting enough to stand alone, but work even better together as a unit.

“Keeping it down to 3 pieces can be challenging because they do need to be eye catching, but also something that you can wear often and still be functional.”

You’re generally more content with life

Refining focus and cutting out everything that isn’t life-enhancing lowers stress more than you can imagine. When you’re not chasing a million loose ends, and aren’t surrounded by clutter, you find yourself being able to breathe easier and be ever-so-much-more content.Target Swim 11

To learn more about Ms. Jacqueline Palmer and her work as a minimalist, subscribe to her blog, or follow her on Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram.




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