A Drill Down for Men and Women: How to Dress for Changing Seasons

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That time of year is soon approaching. The leaves are turning color and getting ready to fall. The warm breeze has turned a little chilly and the summer festivities are slowly coming to an end. While there is a slight feeling of sadness as summer ends, there is also a level of excitement as change is approaching. The best thing about the seasons changing, is often, there is an influx of change to other things in your life. Without a doubt, one of the major changes occurs in your wardrobe. You trade in those loose linen clothes for slouchy knits. Your accessories are no longer covered in sand and sunscreen and your pedicure no longer has to be perfectly on point. Change is in the air and it’s the perfect opportunity to take a hold of it and use it to your advantage to spice up your style.


Here’s how to transition into fall with some serious style:



The days where you live in your bikini may be over, but that doesn’t mean hippy prints and flowy materials don’t have to be. Autumn gives us the perfect excuse to take your favourites out of each season and mix it together. Not only does mixing something totally girly with something super edgy give off a super laid back and stylish vibe, it also can be super comfortable and easy to do.

Here’s how to transition into fall, head to toe:

On your head:

Sunnies, hats and sleek hair. All of these work together, or rock each for a separate look.  Luckily enough, the sun doesn’t stop shining when the temperature drops. It’s quite important to cover your eyes, even if there is not scorching heat outside, plus sun glasses make a simple look seem really polished. Another cute trend is wide brim hats. They scream stylish, and double as functional since you can put on in the morning to keep you warm, and still keep the sun out of your face on the sunny, but chilly mornings.

Your Clothes

How to keep warm, and keep cool at the same time depends mainly on your threads. You want to keep warm for those mornings where you’re feeling the temperature drop, but yet, you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a snowsuit by mid-afternoon. A few combinations that work great is transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall. Pair a long maxi dress or romper that has a girly feel to it with a leather jacket and boots. Or, go chic and grab a pair of palazzo pants and a button down top. These will allow movement, which will keep you cool in the sun – but still cover your body and keep you warm when its cold out. Another trend that is very stylish this year is baggy kaki pants. These can be worn with a t-shit and booties for a casual look, and will go great with a leather jacket. If you’re really in a big transition, loading up a layer of a collared shirt and tucking it into jeans makes for a prim and proper look. Long, light and stylish trench coats are your friends during windy days, and they keep the heat in! Want to go super comfy and cozy? Try a fitted jumpsuit!

Your Shoes and Bag

Unless you’re living in a climate where it’s hot all year around, there probably comes a time where you have to retire your flipflops and cute sandals and transition into some booties or sneakers. Luckily, sneakers, especially van or converse style ones, are easy to pair with nearly anything. They’ll let you breath without being too hot, yet keep you warm when it is chilly. It’s not acceptable to wear them with dresses and palazzo pants – a staple item. If sneakers aren’t your style, a trend that is interesting, yet functional is cut out booties. They can either have the cut outs in the side, in the toes, or both – there are some creative ones on the market! These will keep you cool when its hot, yet still cover enough of your foot to keep it warm during the cold days. As for bags, small backpacks or cross body bags are hot right now. Try to pair these with your shoes and a neutral colored outfit ( like nude or black) for some serious color blocking. Go red or white while you still can for a pop of fun. And the best part? These bags are large enough that you can fit a sweater, jacket or scarf in it for when the weather fluctuates.


For Men:

To acknowledge the ongoing debate – guys may have if a little bit easier than girls in the style department. When transitioning from summer to autumn, men can even get away wearing their basics all throughout the year. Although they isn’t a huge demand for demand for changing the whole wardrobe from short skirts and shorts, to long jackets and dresses. Although, with a few of the right stylish staples – they can go from looking scruffy to looking extremely polished.

On your head:

So it’s definitely too early for a beanie, but you might what to loose your sweaty baseball cap. Instead, you can always rock a super stylish scarf. Don’t be intimidated by scarfs, as they have forever been in style in many parts of the world due to their functionality. A small cotton one you can even fit in your suit jacket pocket or in the corner of your computer bag or backpack. When you need a little bit of extra warmth and comfort, you’ll be extremely happy for this purchase.

Your Clothes:

Typically, shorts and a sweater actually goes when the weather gets colder– so why not play around with it? You can definitely mix a button down shirt and shorts, typically a look you’d wear on vacation, with a pull over and loafers. Sounds crazy and it works! Another key to transition and looking stylish is dressing in textures. You can throw over a knitted sweater in the morning, over some jeans ( ripped or fitted depending on your style), for a cozy and relaxed look. When the sun comes out and the temperature rises, you can go to a classic v neck and tuck your sweater away in your bag or leave it at your place of work. If the knit sweater is too casual for you, try mixing in off-season colours. Another thing that sounds crazy and works. This way, you wont attract sunlight and will stay super cool, but yet – still warm and cozy.

Your Footwear:

Just like your baseball cap, you don’t need to keep your sneakers from this summer too closely to your side. More likely than not, they’re worn out from hikes, festivals and weekend trips to the cottage. Instead, amp up your style game with some loafers or doc martin boots. Not only will these make a statement, but they’ll also prepare you for whatever weather conditions come. In the warmer months, you can even get away with Sperry’s. Wear these with your off-season colors, and you’ll cause some good “look at me” attention. The best thing about shoes is that they can be the complete focal point of your outfit, leaving you only needing to match your favourite basics, and you’re out the door!


Men and Women:

In Your Hand:

So after reading this you’ll know how to be comfortable and stylish in your clothes, accessories and footwear – so what’s missing? Nothing is more stylish than having a total put together look – so why not deck yourself out head-to-toe. The cherry on top of your perfect style is fall is the LuxBoxCase. Weather you prefer the smooth wooden feel, or the sleek marble finish – you can change your style for the better this fall, and still be completely functional.