7 Ways To Make Your Headphones Last (without changing how & how much you use them)

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We’ve all seen it, those headphones stripped down to the wires and the plastic casing falling off minute by minute. We imagine the fuzzy sound and lyrics coming out of only one ear, and actually having to hold up your phone to your face when taking a call, since the microphone doesn’t work. The annoyances start to bubble up. But, hey, it’s understandable. Headphones are one of the most essential pieces of electronics, and luckily their also the most portable too. But, they are notorious for getting tangled in your bag since you’re always using them out on the go. Or, when you really want them to listen to your favourite tunes, they love to hid in the crevices of your bag or jacket pocket or camouflaged in your other wires. All this tangling and untangling and pulling on and off can really put some wear-and-tear on your headphones. And besides, you’ve probably invested into them since you’re realized the importance of a good pair of headphones.

You’re sick of those cheap, distorted brands that make the music sound like it’s coming from afar and actually worse than if you were to just listen to it outloud on your phone. So, it’s important for you for your headphones to stay in tack, because they weren’t cheap, and let’s be real, you’re in love with them. Handy, good sound quality, and enabling your to listen to music and take calls with ease, why not take good care of this handy piece of electronics?

Here’s 8 steps how:

1.Make A Home For Them

Typically, when you get a new pair of headphones( such as Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds)   they come in a plastic case that offers some protection. If you’re organized and determined, you can definitely keep this case as a carrying case for your headphones. Of course, with Apple AirPods, it’s a no-brainer. But, with other headphones winding them up again and putting them back from where they came from makes sense right?

If your headphones didn’t come with a convenient case already, there’s endless options. You can buy a little pouch the next time you’re traveling, or at your local market. Or, I’m sure you have one sitting in a drawer right now in your home. It doesn’t have to be pretty to get started – it just has to protect your headphones. If you’re in a pinch for a case, even neatly winding them up and tieing them in a knot will keep the longevity of them!

2. Keep Them Dry

Wait what? Yes, you heard me. When you’re out at the gym, jamming hard to music, or getting caught in the rain, your headphones have definifty suffered some minor water damage. Bet you didn’t even think of that right?

Typically, headphones will still work after some water damage, which is great for us. But, slowly by slowly, they’ll also deteriorate and you’ll soon be sitting there wondering what the hell happened to your headphones that worked so good yesterday? To avoid this, after you know that your headphones got a little damp, pull out the rice. It seems extreme at the time, but you’re going to want to suck up every little bit of moisture you can when you can to really make your headphones last.  

3. Keep Them Clean

Although maybe your headphones have accidently tumbled through the washing machine, there are much better ways to keep your headphones clean. Be mindful with the headphone jack on your phone or computer, if that is dirty, there’s no doubt your headphones will also become dirty too. Wipe both down to make sure that they stay clean and the connection stays good. After a gym session or playing a gig, wipe your headphones down. No one wants to walk around with your headphones that are covered in sweat and ear-wax, ew. Use a paper towel with a small amount of alcohol for disinfectant.

4. Plug In The Cable, Not The Jack

It’s can be tempting to yank your headphones out when you’re walking into a lecture with music blaring, or to shove your headphones in quickly when you’re in a similar situation and your scrolling through Instagram and videos start playing loud, obnoxious music. But, this can make some serious damage on the connector. It’s important to be mindful when plugging in and out your headphones, as the headphone jack is one of the most sensitive part of headphones. Take the hard part (the middle) of the headphones and use this to plug in your headphones. Instead of depending on the wire connecting to thing, it’s important that you continue to mindfully remove and plug in your headphones to the jack correctly.  

5.Replace The Sleeves

If you haven’t made the switch to wireless headphones, it’s likely that majority of your ware-and-tare are on the sleeves of your headphones. This will diminish the ability to block noise, and therefore deteriorate the sound of your headphones over time. If you’re invested into a higher quality of headphones, you’re in luck. Typically the manufacturers of these will offer the ability to order sleeves based on your headphones, so you can change them yourself. If you do this at the one year or two year point, it will surely make the next couple years of your headphones last and they will seem as good as new.

6. Buy good quality headphones

There’s no doubt that headphone market has definitely stepped up their game in the past few years. From the form covered, over-your-head low quality sound headphones, to wireless earbuds, there had been a huge increase in sound quality. So why not get in on it? Buying a higher grade of headphone will definitely come with a longer levigenity than continuously buying cheap sets of headphones after cheap sets of headphones. Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds are known to deliver great sound quality and seamless device pairing.  

7. Get AERZ Earbuds Covers

AERZ is specifically designed for Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds. The cover enhances the sound quality, security and comfortable of the headphones and it ACTUALLY makes the headphones stay in your ears. The soft high quality silicone cover skins improve the comfort of Apple AirPods and Apple Earbuds 2.0 allowing you to wear your AirPods or Earbuds for hours on end without discomfort. When you put the cover on your headphones, you eliminate dirt, sweat, or anything else from getting into the small openings of headphones, that are super easy to block, and over time, can muffle the sound. So, say hello to enhanced listening, and your headphones lasting a long, long time 🙂

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