6 Reasons Why Minimalism Will Keep Adding Value To Your Life (while still keeping your life uncluttered)

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There are many lifestyle fads and trends that promise us a better life, they seem to catch on quick and fade out fast. From fashion, to fitness to tech – it only makes sense that not everything can make a big impact. Why? Well, because these trends may change small parts of your life, but they aren’t life-changing. For example, a new diet isn’t going to impact your purchase behaviours, just as a new Apple watch won’t help you get outside and make more experiences, but rather the opposite.

We are often bombarded with lifestyle trends that are “all the rage,” while some of them are totally valid (say, intermittent fasting), others are total bougas (like leggings under shorts for men – may we all please put this one behind us). When it comes to making a change in your life, it’s time you’ve seriously thought about becoming a minimalist.  You know the saying less is more, right? Well, minimalism is essentially doing less of what is less value to you, and therefore actually adding much more to your life than it takes away. There’s often a misconception that minimalism relates to just getting rid of everything you own and trying to live with the same 10 items for the rest of your life. Wrong.

Sure, there’s extreme minimalists, just as there are extream gym-rats, extreme health-freaks and any other categorization you can think about. But often, people don’t think of minimalism as applying to more aspects of your life other than just the materialistic stuff.

The principles of the concept run deeper than just “things.” They are rooted deeply in what type of mindset is adapted to achieve the lifestyle you want, and getting what you want from something is essentially what value is cut out to be, right? So, here we go – 15 reasons why adapting this lifestyle will add so much more value to your life:

1. Health

Health is ultimately the most important thing we have in our life. We can have the best relationships, the best initiative to change the world, the best of anything – but without good health, we cannot enjoy it. Evidently, health is derived mainly about how we treat our bodies with exercise and nutrition, in addition to our stress levels which directly corresponds to the health of our mind and body.

Minimalists are experience focused, thus promoting more meaningful relationships since they are bonding over experiences, rather than things. They also live with the mantaility to not consume more than they need, which will dissolve the need for overeating and overindulging. Considering we need vitamins and minerals, instead of carbs and sugar to stay alive, healthy eating is naturally implied because junk food and all that other noise is not essential , right? Besides, what’s more valuable than a long, healthy life?

2. Freedom

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Say you go on vacation with one of your friends to the caribbean. You decided to be a little different this time and stay in an Airbnb, instead of a resort with airport pickup and a fancy lobby entrance. As you arrive to your location, you have a little difficulty getting your full-sized wheeled suitcase up the broken-down stone steps. Bringing just a backpack with a few bathing suits, shirts, shorts and a sweater for the plane gives you the freedom to try out this airbnb and then hop on a boat for an exclusion for a weekend! Sure, it’s not the most impactful example. But, you can go on to apply this to all aspects that include some type of “baggage” (i.e. emotional, the past, etc.).  

3. Importance

With a full time job, a home to run, your health to take care of and relationships to maintain – there can be days where you feel like you’re working yourself to the bone, for little praise. Your efforts can sometimes go unnoticed, especially when you compare yourself to others who somehow manage 2 hobbies, raising children, simple – yet elegant style and total self-awareness. How do they even do it?

They’ve found what’s important to them. If you make minimalist an important aspect to your life-  an important end goal to achieve, you’ll shift your behaviour to make it perfectly align. It’s normal to understand that a good job, good health and good relationships are important to our existence. It’s what we’ve been taught. But, adapting a lifestyle such as minimalism is often not thought of as an end goal by many – until they put importance on it, which shifts the importances off other things that will not bring you value.

4. Self-Awareness

Being a minimalist means you need to be extremely self-aware. You have to pay attention to what you purchase, what you consume, what you say and what you think about. It truly plays at all aspects of your life. So, how does a deep self-awareness bring value to your life? When you are self-aware of your actions, you become aware of how you come across to others, and therefore what you attract into your life. For example, buying quality over quantity (psst. here’s an example of the LuxBox Case, a quality product that will last you a lifetime) will bring you to realize the mass amount of “cheap” products that are ending up in landfill sites and heavily contributing to destruction of our environment. With time, you’ll actively participate in initiatives to reverse these affects, therefore becoming a better person and karmically inviting good things into your life.

5. Opportunities

Since the karmic law invites good things to good people, essentially minimalists will create more opportunities for themselves just by being a minimalist, and adapting a deep self-awareness.  But, if you don’t believe in karma, there are still reasons why being a minimalist invites more opportunity in your life.

This is because decluttering your mind allows you to prevail and focus on subject matters that may get hard. By paying a close attention to your thoughts, you’ll be able to focus on problem solving when a problem is presented, rather than fear based panic mode or unmotivated defeat. Paying attention to your thoughts also encourages you to shift out the unnecessary, which are negative thoughts. Every situation is life will never be solved or prosper if you think negatively about it. If you can master this, your mind has the ability to literally paint your desired life into reality.

6. Confidence

Of course, there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. When applying confidence to a status symbol, such as a new job title or materialistic things – it feeds your ego which will negatively impact you. It’s not necessary to rave about these things, because they are just things. Just noise. And not necessary for your existence. But, turning the other side of the page, lack of confidence also invites negativity into your life. If you’re not sure about decisions or not confident in your morals, you will have a hard time sticking to them.

The way minimalism brings confidence at a valuable level is that being a minimalist affects your whole lifestyle and helps you define your purpose by striking focus in your life and developing deep awareness. So, when you can go through life confidently knowing that your morals and actions are part of a bigger concept – that you know you’re not being cocky. You’re just truly excited and happy, which is the best side of confidence you can achieve.