5 Things To Do Today Declutter Your Life Forever

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There’s likely a time in your life where you’ve felt like everything was just too much. Your schedule is constantly busy, piles of clutter in your home start to grow, and your computer and phone become a complete mess, with storage limits filling up left and right. With everything lining up one after another, it can be hard to get on top of the tasks. You start feeling overwhelmed and it feels like everything was just thrown on you at once.

At a time like this, it becomes easy to reassess your life and try to figure out why all of these things are happening all at once.

Is it because you’re just genuinely busy?

You have too much on your plate?

Not enough time?


But, what part of that can you change?

Most likely, none of it considering it’s all attached to commitments, like relationships, work and whatever else is on your plate. That leads you to find a way to deal with it instead, and adapting to the minimalist lifestyle will help you do just that.

Minimalism covers a wide spectrum of categories – from everyday fashion trends to deep cleansing of your mind, and rewiring it to think in a different way; to live in a different way. At its core, it is attention towards the things we hold of high value, and removing all distractions that deviate us from this. So, taking into account all the things in your everyday life, applying this simple rule of minimalism to them will help you find your focus and refine what’s important to you. We often don’t realize, but everyday items, such as clutter on our countertops of files unfiled on our computers actually cause stress, in addition to a busy schedule.

So, here’s how to totally zen out your life, with 5 simple action items.

Take Time To Declutter Your Home 

Taking into account we spend nearly every night sleeping in the same bed, eating breakfast at the same table and get that feeling of home every time we walk into the front door after we finish our long day at work, our homes are a really important asset in our lives, weather we realize it or not. The way the our homes are decorated and the feeling they give off directly translates to how we feel in them, and therefore how we feel during the large amount of time we spend in our homes. If you take a look at the principals ofFeng Shui, it is essentially creating a spacious flow of energy (chi), to create good fortune in your life. Without this creation of space and proper flow of energy, the Chinese believe that it will create bad luck or misfortune.

Even if you’re not warmed up to the whole idea of Feng Shui, let’s take the most practical example to prove that the arrangement of things, and amount of things in your space really do play a big role. Let’s say you sometimes work remotely from home, are a student or are working on a side project (DIY, writing, painting, etc.) at your desk. If your workspace is cluttered, unorganized or crammed into a small little corner, your productivity will automatically decrease. 

Studies show, spatial arrangement of office furniture is important to productivity.This proves that your space is highly correlated to the quality of your actions in your space. So, take 10 minutes a day, or a Saturday afternoon and take away 10 items in your home that you don’t need- that are essentially just taking up space. You’ll automatically feel an energy shift of “chi” energy flowing more throughout your home, then watch your life events change in accordance. (trust me, it really works).

Deal With Digital Clutter

Just like a messy home, a cluttered computer or phone can even be just as frustrating, especially when your storage space is full and you can’t snap pictures anymore…seriously.

It’s the worst!

Considering we’re adapting to technology more and more, there is an increasing amount of storage needed and used. This goes without any recognition that this too, is considered clutter and can add to stress levels, or create unorganized feelings. Of course, 15 books takes up a lot more room when they’re physically on shelf, rather than in an e-reader. Although, compiling digital files and programs without any sort of organization, you can end up with high stress levels, especially when your programs stop working.

To avoid this, The Minimalists,  Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus recommend once a month deleting or archiving the photos, files and emails that are not important anymore and that you are not using. This helps maintain your overall minimalist lifestyle.

Think About Your Relationships

You’re probably thinking how can my relationships clutter my life? 

In this aspect, the traditional definition of clutter doesn’t stand – but rather, it’s easier to think of it as balance. When it becomes unbalanced, it creates clutter.

Not following? Let me explain deeper.

Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship with someone for 2 years. It’s possible the first year of the relationship, you both shared tasks equally and both felt mutually good about sharing tasks. As time went on, one person ended up doing the chores more, while the other spent more time on themselves (working out, playing video games, shopping, etc.). The person doing the chores is going to feel taken advantage of at one point.

This is the clutter the unbalanced feelings created. So, every once in a while check in with your relationships (romantic, friends and family). Evaluate if they are balanced, or subconsciously cluttering your mind with negative feelings piling up, therefore creating high levels of stress (you know, like a ticking time bomb). This may be one of the most difficult steps on this list, but it’s by far the most rewarding.

Buy Quality Over Quantity

Why do we even have so much clutter?

Typically, it’s because we’re either buying cheap products, then replacing them. Or, just buying more products to make the cheaper products better (like a tablecloth on an ugly table). Buying quality products without a doubt is the best use of your money, even though it might end up being a little bit more expensive in the initial first purchase. Longevity makes your products last for years and years, and doesn’t that make you happy?

Not only will your products last, they will actually work much better than any of the products you just bought for a quick fix, or because they were cheap. The most important time to buy quality items is when buying for items you use often, like your phone case. LuxBox Case offers a quality case that gives you style and protection.

Keep It Up

Adapting minimalism is a lifestyle, not just a trend or fad. The magic starts to happen when you’re actively changing your habits and the things in your life to align with this lifestyle.

Decluttering your life isn’t just on the outside – it also includes your relationships, and how you organize your activities on the daily. Once you start living will less physical, digital, and emotional clutter, you’ll realize that the reward is worth the effort. It’s not going to be easy to fully adapt to this lifestyle right off the bat, but as you continue to do these five small steps, you’ll soon find less stress, and much more value in your life. ✨✨

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