5 DIY Projects For Minimal Fashion Lovers

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Why Buy When You Can DIY?

We are currently witnessing the democratization of fashion, and keeping up with trends has never been easier. Thanks to the internet, women are rejecting archaic and frighteningly narrow notions of beauty that don’t include women of all shades, shapes and sizes. Now, they’re looking to everyday people for fashion inspiration instead of relying on magazines and advertisements. In light of this style revolution, it’s not far-fetched to assume women might take designing into their own hands as well. Why wait for a fashion brand to tell you what’s hot when you can create it on your own?

When it comes to fashion projects, there’s nothing more fulfilling that doing it yourself. It’s the easiest way to peg yourself as a fashion designer; skipping out on fashion school and enrolling in YouTube Tutorial University. Hey ya’ never know, you could become so amazing at crafting fashion pieces, that you start to get orders and start to make extra cash on the side.

In addition to saving a ton of money, there’s a long list of reason minimal fashionistas can’t seem to stay away from DIY projects. Thus, we simply had to take notes as Bratty B founder Amy Mckissock dished on the latest DIY trends.

For starters, the minimal blogger can’t seem to put down the scissors. “I love anything that involves a pair of scissors; whether that be cutting up an old band tee or cutting a fringe hem into an old pair of jeans, it’s easy and effective,” says Amy. But hey, can you blame her? If you’ve ever taken scissors to old clothing, you know the joy of a post-project success!

Amy love for doing it herself has helped her avoid paying big for the latest trends. When extremely frayed denim came into play, she simply hit up her local Value Village to make her own pair or distressed jeans, which you can see here on the blogMost notably, Amy says DIY techniques allow her to re-work items in her wardrobe that she’s grown tired of. In turn, she instantly has access to a variety of different looks. “For instance,” she says, “I’ve hemmed a dress into a skirt, or cut a pair of old jeans into shorts. I’d much rather re-envision a piece than give it away.”


Our favorite fashion bloggers make it look easy, but keeping up with DIY trends can be hard to do. Amy runs into all kinds of different projects on the web as has a long DIY to-do list as a result. “To be honest, when I see something I’m into, I want to re-create it immediately,” she said. “Back in the day I did a DIY Alexander Wang Rocco bag, which turned out amazing, so I’d love to get back into studding clothing and accessories.”

Want to try your hand a designing your own wardrobe? Here are 5 of Amy’s favorite DIY projects for you to try:



Both choker necklaces and distressed denim have become staples of minimal fashion. In less than 5 minutes, you too can have your own denim choker!

Try it out.




Everyone loves a white button up! Finding +10 uses for our beloved collar shirt is the latest DIY craze.

Try it out.





Because a pair of waxed skinnies are a must for every minimal wardrobe.

Try it out.




Even the simplest of DIY projects can spruce up your collection. Crafting your own chain ring could be the perfect solution to your jewelry shortage.

Try it out.




This one takes a bit more know-how. But hey, if you know your way around a sewing machine, have at it!

Try it out.


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