12 Ways To Adapt To A Minimalist Lifestyle

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There’s an epidemic happening right now. Millions of people are catching on to the fact that we’ve went through the past 2 decades accumulating more stuff than we need. Persuading marketing campaigns shouting to the masses to buy this product and buy that product. Remember those flashy ads promising you that you’d be like Justin Timberlake if you bought those Calvin Klein jeans? Or what about the first Apple iPod commercial? How Iconic was that? Do you have an Apple iPod, and phone, computer, and iPad, and… Do you see where I’m going with this? Nowadays we have more stuff than we need and can account for, but fortunately – we’re gaining awareness of this. We’re putting aside those useless flashy products and going back to what is necessary, and not overkill. We’re appreciating functionality and quality over quantity and fads. We’re making a switch to owning less and experiencing more, identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary. So, here’s  17 ways to do exactly that:


  1. Create Space In Your Space

Believe it or not, you’re highly influenced by your surroundings. Weather it’s your office space, your bedroom or your bathroom, the way it’s decorated and the vibe it gives off changes the experience you have in it. Working in a cluttered workspace and kill your productivity and waking up in a messy room can make you seem like you’ve woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Getting rid of your clutter and creating space in your home will make you only focus on what you need, which makes everyday tasks, such as making a cup of coffee much easier. There’s no need to choose between 2 different types of sugar, 2 flavors of sweetener and 7 mugs. Get your favourite mug, favourite coffee and rinse and repeat.



2. Take Away Time Wasters

T.V, scrolling on social media, reading celebrity gossip, and anything else that falls into that range are serious time wasters – sorry to say. Of course, they serve a purpose if they are apart of your wind-down time after work or give your insights if you’re a marketer, or anything along those lines that gives you value. But, realistically think about how much of that is necessary? How much time do you really need to wind down? Would reading a book give you more value than scrolling on social media? Would learning how to play guitar offer more in the long run than finishing yet another season of friends? We like to complicate things a lot, and put them off, and put them off again. Taking away time wasters helps you make it simple. With fewer distractions, if you want to do something, you do it.


3. Simple foods

Of course, the complex recipes and dishes without a doubt taste amazing. But, unless cooking is one of your things, maybe it’s a good idea to leave it to the professionals. Buying exquisite ingredients to add to a sauce on only 1 dish you cook twice a year can really fill up your cupboards fast. Instead, looking at food in the form of fuel for your body will influence you to cook simple dishes, which allows you time for the things you want to do. And we promise, it’s not all boiled broccoli!


4. Minimalist Wardrobe

Luckily, simplicity is in style. But, did it ever leave? Of course not! In fashion, the definition of classic is a crisp white button down and your favorite pair of jeans. The best thing about this? With 2-3 other pieces, you can nearly have a whole wardrobe. Buying items that you love, have style on their own, and are basics and can all match with each other is the easiest way to transform your wardrobe to a sophisticated, minimalist style. Plus, you can get even more excited about statement pieces.


5. Plan your shopping

Whether your heading to the store for groceries, or you’re shopping for the perfect birthday gift, a little planning goes a long way. In terms of everyday items, the reality of making your fridge into a jigsaw puzzle every time you return for the supermarket probably isn’t the most pleasant thought for you. Or, buying the same gift for your nephew that 2 others bought sucks. When you put thought into buying something, you often think of the benefits the person receiving it gets. When this happens, you end up buying something that is much more functional or something that you truly like.


6. Go Natural

Ladies, we understand. Makeup is an expression of self – it’s fun, beautiful and playful. But so are you 12 When you start to count all your makeup items one by one, brand by brand, accessory by accessory, it adds up fast. Of course, you don’t need to ditch all your expensive make up products – it’s nice to be able to doll yourself up sometimes. But if you’re morning routine includes 30 minutes – 1 hour of make up per day, take the leap and go natural. Start with one day, one week or one month of no make up. You’d be surprised how much less maintenance it is.


7. Time blocking


Time blocking is a great example of doing one thing to make you do less things. Often, when we don’t realize that we get distracted, and before we know it, we’re behind in our tasks. When this happens, we sometimes cancel plans, or cannot fulfill as life as much as we’d like because we’re too busy “catching up.” Instead, it’s important to take the necessary time for each task and really focus in on that task. With this, you’ll soon realize that your to do list seems much less complicated, and it really just boils down to sitting down and doing something when it needs to be done – and that’s that.

 8. Ditch Your Car And Get outside

Would it be an amazing world if we all did that? Okay, I know – the reality of it is that very, very slim. It makes sense that sometimes we just need cars. Your work is on the other side of town and you have to drop your kids off at school, it gets down to freezing temperatures for a few months in your country you reside – these reasons make it obvious that sometimes you need a car. But, what about summer months when your kids are off school and it’s a lot warmer? Try it even for a week – taking public transportation or your bicycle to work. You’ll save on gas for a week, not have to worry about parking and definitely will not have to deal with some serious Monday morning road rage.


9.  Don’t Overdo Things

Overcommitting, overcommunication, overeating, spending over what your bank account allows you to… the list goes on. With the pressures of society today, it only makes sense that we over do things -there never any warning signs publicized beforehand, and social media is an amplifier to “treat yourself”. We’re always striving to be the best we can do, but sometimes that means taking away. Living your best live doesn’t mean going to Europe and spending 1 year’s savings in 3 months. It means creating a lifestyle where you enjoy it all year around. So, sometimes that means taking out of one thing and giving to another. Balance is necessary, excessiveness is not.


10.  Think What Is Most Important To You

This one is pretty simple – think about what you really want. Often, we say we want something, but then we associate ifs, ands and buts with it. Living a simple life means looking at things simply. If you want to spend more time with your family, do just that. If you want to get a 6 pack, make a work-out routine and watch your eating behaviours. This is where your minimalist lifestyle will really get that extra kick.



11. Quality Over Quantity

Whether you’re buying products, decorating your home, or cooking up a storm – less is more, especially if you buy the right products. Take the simplest example – a pencil. There are different grades, and they preform differently (not even getting into different pencils for drawing and sketching). If you buy a low quality pencil, you’re going to have to buy a good quality pencil sharpener, a big eraser and probably will go through the low quality pencils 5 times faster, so in the long run, you’ll have to by 5 more pencils. Instead, you can invest in 5 high grade pencils, a good sharpener, and 1 eraser, you’ll be able to have that for a while and wont have to have the annoyance of sharpening your pencil every time you try to write. Silly example, yes – but a very important concept.

12. Buy Functional Products


Taking time to research or test options before buying a product will certainly change the way you view products. Instead of viewing products as things in your life that you own, your view will change to the amount of enjoyment, ease, convivence, and functionality they bring to your life. Today, brands are personal, companies are using resources to make the consumers life different, whether it’s a keyring  with a USB attached, or a protective case for your phone that still makes a style statement, opting in for products that will give you value is far more important than consuming without thinking.

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