12 Last Minute Minimalist Gifts Ideas

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It’s more likely than not that you know someone who has decluttered their life recently. Weather it be that they sold their stuff, bought a van and travelled or just moved into their new home. Or even simply that they just adapt to the mindset that less is more – in all aspects of life. The minimalist lifestyle covers quite a few core aspects of your life, which then boils down to a deep awareness about you know, materialistic things and subtracting things that aren’t necessary. And, as Christmas rapidly approaching it can be hard to know what to get that is something that you know they would truly love, in their everyday life. Something useful and functional, or maybe not even a “thing” at all! The lifestyle has an understanding of experiences being worth more than just “things,” and at the same time, an enormous appreciation for products that last. Good quality products that limit the use of other “add on products.” So, with those two avenues to go down, it can seem a litter easier, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through good or bad quality products or to decide what type of experience you want to give them. So, we’ve done some of that searching for you and here are some of the best gift ideas to get a person who has adapted the minimalist lifestyle!

  1. Tickets



From a concert, art gallery, convention, speaker, etc. The list is long to choose from! And it doesn’t matter if it’s far away, as it just creates more excitement. The experience of going somewhere will be the point of the gift, and it’s especially easy if you both have a common artist, or memories about some type of old movie.


2. Gift Cards

Let’s be real – no one wants gift cards that they aren’t going to actually use. It’s important to add functionality to the gift card, otherwise it could lead to buying something you don’t need. Instead, gift cards for local resurtants, or a health food store work well since food is an everyday item you would buy anyways. Or, gift cards to home décor shops, or for any meaningful item they’d want to have in their life.


3. Subscription

Getting a subscription as a gift is always a nice reminder of the sender every week, month or day the person receiving uses it. Is there a podcast (check our next blog post for 7 of the best minimalist podcasts), magazine or service that they love? Or what about something they’ve been talking about wanting to get into? Or even a Netflix  Hulu Plus, Rdio, or HBO GO  subscription is always great to declutter their TV stand.

4. Self Care

Being a minimalist takes a lot of self awareness. It stretches beyond being aware of space in the home and in the mind. It brings a type of awareness to concentrate on your body, simply because it’s extremely important to do so. Buying some good quality, natural products will definitely be appreciated considering they are made with much simpler ingredients, and therefore easier to buy for them (to avoid conflicts with allergies, scents, etc.) and easier for them to incorporate in their everyday routine. Even a spa day will let them enjoy a wonderful experience – not a accumulating another “thing”.


5. Homemade Event Night

Since experiences are worth more than things, why not have a lot of fun with the experience? Creating a homemade movie night and popping real popcorn on the stove can be a lot of fun! Or what about a spa night for one of your friends, or a themed cooking night? Tacos and tequila sound fun. This is a great gift because it shows that you’re thoughtful when the receiver sees all of those extra things you’ve thought of, but it’s super easy to prepare before Christmas, since you probably don’t have to prep until the night actually comes around – perfect  for finding the last minute gift!


6. Books or Kindle

There is now an ever-growing amount of books on minimalism and living a more simple life. Grabbing one of these from a book store or for their Kindle reader is a great gift, being that they can read and expand their views on this subject. If you buy a book for them, you can go the extra mile and look up where they can exchange this book when their finished, or you can stick with topping up their Kindle reader – both ways to minimize clutter, and increase awareness.


7. Membership or Course

Just like a subscription, this is the gift that keeps on giving every month! Since longevity is appreciated here, you can’t really go wrong. Weather it’s a membership to a new gym with some extra luxuries, like hot yoga or a sauna room. Or, what about a course to get them started running that business they always wanted to get going? Minimalists have a deep awareness of what is happening in their life, and are good at minimizing “white noise.” With a membership or a course to something that gives personal growth and development, it will be highly valued in their books!


8. Give the Gift Of Food

If you don’t agree with the statement that food is the way to anyone’s heart… you’re just going to need some more convincing. I mean, who doesn’t love food? Especially sweets?? Okay, maybe there are some people without a sweet tooth, and maybe some people who aren’t complete foodies, but I mean…only a few, right?? And besides, if someone baked you a cake for Christmas, you really have to be the Grinch to not appreciate it! With a minimalist, it’s a great gift considering eating whatever you give them will create an experience (i.e. if they love hot sauce, get them 5 new mini bottles to try. If they love chocolate, bake them a double chocolate cake!). It’s easy to do, and will always be enjoyed.

9. Prints

Part of being a minimalist is the appreciation of space. You know, enjoying blank spaces, or creating space for only the necessary. Luckily, it is common more and more common to find this in home décor. Many websites like minted have sections just for drawings, or black and white paintings, which a definite appreciate for space. They’re right up their alley, plus what are walls without artwork?

10. Plants


I promise, walking into someone’s house saying “hi, I brought you a plant” isn’t as awkward as it sounds. Typically, minimalists stick to basic colours in their homes to avoid cluttering their home with colors that bring different emotions. Instead, an array of whites, greys, blacks and some metal or wood here and there does the trick. But, with that being said, who doesn’t love plants on that backdrop? Getting succulents are always a safe bet considering they need little sun and maintenance, or you can strive for functionality and get a tomato plant or herb garden!


11. A Trip

It doesn’t have to be an all inclusive vacation for 10 days (ugh, wouldn’t that be nice?). Instead of busting your bank, why not plan a small, budget friendly trip? Renting a car and exploring the coast, or a weekend trip to NYC are great options that don’t go over the top! Take a few hours and plan the accommodation, flights and activities (i.e. art museums, good restaurants, etc.) and you’ve created an experience beyond words – plus you get to tag along too. Merry Christmas to you 12

12. LuxBox Case

There is absolutely no doubt that our phone has become part of our everyday lives. But, when you think of the clean, chic and modern style of a minimalist, do you associate a cheap, plastic phone case? Definitely not. Opting in for an everyday item the subtracts the unnecessary and only identifies the essential is a great option to give as a gift. But, we know – sometimes it can be hard to find what really looks good and offers protection. That’s why we found this one for you!





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