Metta Conchetta: Making Things Happen in Minimal Fashion

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Metta Conchetta

Less is More.

It may take less clothing to achieve a minimal look, but it requires a bit more effort.

Though it was once fun to pile on accessories and experiment with crazy colors and mixed prints, minimal fashion has proved that it can be just as rewarding to keep things clean and streamlined. Plus, a minimalist look takes the stress out of “matching” your clothes, as most of us own basic pieces in shades such as black, white, and grey — along with a few occasional pastel colors which seem to work well with just about everything.

Modern minimalist fashion is often associated with high-end European and Asian labels, but you don’t need to travel or drain your bank account to score a posh minimalist look. Many budget-conscious European minimalist labels and niche U.S.-based labels and boutiques are shoppable to anyone with an Internet connection.

We turned to budding celebrity stylist & creative Metta Conchetta for her expertise on turning a minimalistic dream into a reality. Since recently uprooting her entire life in Germany to peruse fashion styling in the states, she’s developed a new approach to the phrase “Less is more.”

“I sold my house, my car, and everything else I had so that I could make my transition to Atlanta,” said Metta in a phone interview. “When I moved to here in Novemeber, I literally came with nothing. I only brought two cases of clothes, which isn’t much at all for a stylist.”


One of the greatest benefits of minimalism is being able to make something out of nothing. Not having a full wardrobe of clothes to work with can be difficult, but if you’re a minimalist — someway, somehow, you’ll manage to seamlessly pull a look together.

Metta’s relocating to another country with no clothes and limited supply of funds was challenging, but she conjured up the creativity to become her own personal designer by cutting, bleaching, and re-creating the only clothes she had to her name. She’d even distress her own jeans, buying Levis from TJ max and adding her own vintage chic, versus paying $70 for denim at urban outfitters.



Metta’s minimalist tendencies in some areas have made her an activist in others. Since minimal style isn’t huge on the flashier things in life, Metta doesn’t encourage the practice of killing animals in pursuit of high-fashion looks. “Wearing fur is my least favorite trend. Although i’m in the fashion industry, I just don’t think it’s cool. Sure, I eat meat, but I would never buy a huge fur jacket.”

Fur may not be her thing, but she’ll never pass up the chance to accentuate her outfit with a quality jacket or trench coat. The saying “less is more” is key for achieving a chic, minimal look—but it certainly doesn’t apply to how many layers you wear. If you’re a minimal fashion stylist, you probably love layering just as much as Ms. Conchetta, who’s favorite fashion trend at the moment is wearing a long, sleeveless dress underneath a classically plain t-shirt.

Does it get any more minimal than that?


“I’d describe my style as very clean, featuring a lot of oversized cuts that don’t really show-off your body. The two details work well together to complete a perfect minimalist look,” she says. Her favorite two fashion accessories are dad hats and choker necklaces, and she has no problem making a chocker out of a household ribbon if she has to!

It seems as though minimal fashion is the newest trend to sweep through 2016, but minimal style has been in full effect for decades now. Minimality has an element of timelessness, creating looks that will in no way ever be considered outdated.

According to our favorite German stylist, “Minimal fashion is just at it’s beginning. It always has existed, and new designers today have just amplified the amount of oversized pieces. The European fashion roots, which are super chic & simple, will always survive.”

To learn more about Metta Conchetta, follow her on Instagram, or visit here website.



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