Investment Pieces that Spice Up a Luxury Woman’s Wardrobe

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investment piece

What’s timeless, versatile, and always a pleasure?

An investment piece, a.k.a. the staple item that remain constant in your wardrobe; something that can be mixed and matched with everything you own to create diversity within your outfits. The ideal investment piece speaks for your personal style, but could still be resold if necessary (hence the term, “investment”). Though often discussed in terms of how much money each piece costs, in reality, investment pieces have much more to do with finding quality clothing to fit your personal preference both in form and function.

Some aspects of your wardrobe are not to be toyed with. The following is a list of things to give greater though, time and consideration; even if that means searching to infinity and beyond.

Timeless Jewelry

Cheapo metals will tarnish in a instant and take major style points away from an outfit. Investing in jewelry is a smart way of updating outfits and keeping your style fresh. By choosing jewellery pieces in minimal styles, you can completely transform an outfit and instantly elevate your style. A couple of basic pieces – like a necklace and matching pair of earrings – is a classic investment for your wardrobe, enabling you to accessorise without overdoing it. Opting for sleek designs and minimal styles makes for versatile jewellery to be worn every day or to add a little something special to evening attire.

Modest Black Dress (the ultimate investment piece)

The smart black dress solves the age-old dilemma of “what should I wear?” for pretty much any situation. It’s the fuss-free, “works for any occasion” investment piece everyone should own (even if you’re not a typical dress-wearer.) Find a shape that complements your personal style and, as always, invest in a brand that uses high quality fabric. A smart black dress (or a black dress that can be “smartened up”) will make you feel put together with very little effort.

A Longline Coat

Go for something medium weight with a wide collar, and your trench coat will be one of the most versatile pieces you own. Throw it on over the top of a casual outfit and you’ll instantly look more put together. Want to add a little extra sophistication to your evening dress? Throw your coat over your shoulders. While black is always the classic choice, opting for a lighter shade will contrast nicely against an all-black outfit.

Quality Knitwear

Invest in comfortable knitwear made from soft yet durable fabrics in monochrome colours that can be thrown over the top of your outfits when the weather gets a little nippy. Stock your wardrobe with an even mix of structured and slouchy styles so you have something to pull on over the top of dressy attire and others to wear when you’re lounging at home.

All-Occasion Bag

A total essential for any minimal wardrobe, investing in an all-occasion bag is a wise decision. Choose something that works for your lifestyle; whether you need a bag that’s a little roomy and oversized or a petite bag that only holds the essentials, invest in a design that will compliment your style and can be paired with everything you own.

Well-Fitting Lingerie

What’s underneath matters just as much as what’s visible! The foundation of a joyful wardrobe is perfect lingerie; if your delicates are uncomfortable and ill-fitting, you won’t feel relaxed in the clothes you wear. Invest in finding lingerie that fits your body perfectly, provides support, and boosts your confidence. Well-fitting lingerie should be so comfortable you feel like you’re not wearing any at all.

After all, some things are worth going the extra mile for!




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