Fashion “Mistakes” Men Will Make Trendy in 2017

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Mistake, or Must-have? There’s a pretty fine line.

When it comes to looking great in 2017, take everything you think of as a no-no, give it a confident, DGAF twist, then bring it right back into your closet. From nerd jeans to sleeze-ball shirts and dad-socks, there’s a right way to wear the wrongest things if you pay attention to the cues designers left on the spring runways—and don’t doubt yourself for a second. Thanks to some help from Jordan Bunker, Here, 5 such examples and how to work them into your own wardrobe next year.

High Water Pants

Urkel pants came in all shapes and forms on the Spring 2017 menswear runways, allowing weird socks, ankle tattoos, and killer shoes to take really stand out. This season’s cropped pants are not only intentional—they are very, very cool. Thom Browne, OG of the short pant trend, is still at it. The look has extended to men young and old, and it’s not just a casual thing— this year, you can also expect your suit pants to get shorter, giving you room (and license) to show off some ankle.

“For a wearable take on the trend try a durable drill cotton pant, which has a no-nonsense, construction worker feel, paired with high-top sneakers,” say Jordan.

Blousy, Boxy Shirts

“The printed short-sleeve shirt was a big trend in 2016,” Jordan says, “and the Weekend at Bernie’s vibe isn’t going anywhere for 2017 either.” Amp up the ’80s flavor this time around with a bigger, boxier cut. When you put it on tuck it in, roll the sleeves, and leave the top unbuttoned like a proper tough guy.

Warm-Weather Socks

From sporty to preppy to straight-up trippy, statement crew-length socks have all but elbowed out the bare-ankle look that has dominated for years. Whether you pair them with shorts or the high-water pants we just discussed, jazzing things up with a warm weather sock is the way to go in 107. That said, don’t feel like you have to turn into an off-the-clock dad in shorts and sandals. Socks with chinos and loafers are cool too!

Loud Prints

Prints have  become a major trend in fashion recently. “It’s a wonderful way to express your eccentricity and gives off a smart sense of sophistication,” if you ask Jordan. However, it can be  a ‘stump of intimidation’ for some men. Lucky for your floral-loving shirt seekers, designers did not hold back when it came to prints this year. To update your own wardrobe, ditch stripes in favor of Mick Jagger or David Bowie and work with motifs like cheetah, camo, and check—then wear two at the same time.

Yes, clashing is highly encouraged in 2017.

Feminine Colors

“Pink was always a debatable color for men to sport, but that ship has sailed.” Not only has every shade of pink been approved, but purple, metallic red, duckling yellow and even lily-pad green are now acceptable colors for men. That’s right; Spring 2017 collections have every gender-bending, off-kilter color imaginable. We say pick one that complements your skin tone and go all in buying it in trouser, shirt, and jacket form.

So guys, what fashion “mistake” do you plan to make this year?



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