Fashion Bloggers: Enhancing The Fashion Industry One Photo At a Time

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You see them, you follow them, and sometimes, you even feel like you know them.

Fashion bloggers have revolutionized the way we find out about the newest trends. The concept of blogging has millennial media-users constantly tuned into other peoples lives, but as far as mass appeal is concerned, fashion blogging definitely takes the cake! So, what’s caused this recent influx in fashion bloggers? A few things, really.

For starters, people love having the newest fashion trends delivered to their email inboxes. Why go to the store and pick up a magazine when you can pick up your phone at home? The blogging world has changed the fashion industry by making it much more fast paced. New trends and popular style waves are available the moment they’re born.

And not only do people adore their favorite bloggers for keeping them in the loop, they also rely on their style advice more than anyone in their circle of friends. Finding a blog that suits your taste is easy — just churn out a few descriptive terms that describe your style and pop them into your favorite search engine. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’re just an email subscription away from from a catalog full of looks and an endless supply of fashion tips.

But don’t be fooled! There’s a lot more to inspiring the masses than meets the eye. We had a lovely chat with Thania Peck, the curator of Catcher in The Style, Inc. Thania’s dedicated her life’s work to creative directing campaigns for brands all over the nation. Not only does she share her style expertise on the web, she curates content and develops photoshoot concepts some of our favorite fashion companies. This includes hiring the production team, make-up artists, and a committing to bunch of detailed, behind the scenes work.

Unlike some people who sort of stumble upon the fashion-influencer lifestyle, our girl Thania has been intertwined with the industry since her early modeling days. Working in fashion, she wanted to branch out and become a voice for causes she believes in. “The most rewarding part about having my platform is getting my blog involved with different charities,” she mentioned. She has a true passion for raising money for under privledged kids, and her favorite brand to work with is the Young & Brave Foundation.


Thania loves street style, and she describes her personal style as edgy, chic, and kinda tomboy-ish. Street style is pretty popular, mostly because it gives us access to new trends right away. Instead of waiting on the major publications’ take on the newest fashion scoops, you’ll see the new styles as soon as they’re thought up!

“Blogging makes fashion accessible to everyone.”

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Sure, 6-foot models look pretty dashing in designer clothes on the runway, but it’s a lot easier to imagine yourself in an outfit when you can see it interpreted by someone who shares your unique tastes. “It’s all about the interpretation from market to consumer. Most people see clothes in a store and think ‘How would I wear that!?’ Im here to provide an answer to that question.”

That, of course, is another huge reason for the increased popularity of fashion bloggers. “Brands hire us as bloggers to get the consumers to see the product and show how it can be worn,” says Thania. Naturally, fashion companies and designers reach out to fashion bloggers to use their influence as a means of promotion; it’s kind of a “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” type of situation.

When it comes to dreaming up an outfit, the ability to figure out what works and what doesn’t from the comfort of a computer desk has people hooked. It’s changed the dynamic of fashion moving forward. Consumers love to log onto to pintrest and and get ideas for their “going to the office outfit,” “going on a date outfit,” and even their “going to the grocery store outfit!”

“My style isn’t for everyone,” says Thania. “But the great thing about fashion blogging is that I can pair a dress with combat boots while my friend pairs the same dress with a pair of heels! Two great looks, two different styles.”

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