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You’d think a lover of minimal fashion wouldn’t bother to keep more than mascara and lip balm in their make-up bag, but that’s not always the case. After all, the best part about minimal dress is the possibility of adding a pop of color, a statement piece, or some other irregularity that contrasts the lack of pigment in your outfit, right? For Amy Mckissock, or “Bratty B” for the e-savy, her added pigment comes from a love for make-up and hair coloring.

Amy is founder and HFIC (head-fashionista-in-charge) at Bratty B, a blog dedicated to the expression of her love for make-up, music, and minimal fashion concepts. “I would only consider myself a minimalist in the way I dress,” said Amy in an interview. “When it comes to my way of living, I want it all. I think later in life I’ll adapt to a more minimalistic lifestyle – I’ve always dreamt of ending up in the country, secluded and without many materialistic needs ­­– but for now, not so much.”

Amy’s want for it all is heavily reflected in her make-up collection. Having blogged about beauty for 5 years now, she’s acquired quite the collection. Her piles of lipstick and eyeshadow go far beyond the needs of someone who isn’t a makeup artist! But, thankfully, she has some great friends to share it with.


Because her wardrobe is based around a monochromatic palette, she can’t really go wrong with her makeup choices. Still, she remains conscious of whether she wants he makeup or clothes to be the focus of her look, and then she plans from there. “I’m pretty simple when it comes to day to day,” says Amy referencing her daily routine. “I tend to throw an outfit together fairly easily because my closet is comprised of black, grey, and white apparel. From there I do my makeup, which entails creating an even base with foundation and concealer.”

Something that helps Amy contrast her monochrome wardrobe is adding spruces of color to her face (and her hair). She loves adding warmth to her cheeks with blush and is currently crushing on the NARS Liberty pallet. “I fill in my brows with the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade and coat my lashes with a layer of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara,” she says. “Last but not least, I highlight my cheekbones, down the center of the nose, and my cupids bow with MAC Soft N; Gentle, because, who doesn’t love a good glow!”

Amy realizes that her love for make-up completely contrasts her minimal wardrobe.. but she couldn’t care less. Having a ridiculous amount of make-up doesn’t mean you have to wear it all at the same time! Thus, she uses her expanding beauty knowledge to achieve different, minimal looks.

“Personally, I’m not the type to wear a bold make-up look,” says the blogger. “On the rare occasion I do opt for a heavy eye, I tend to balance it with a simple black dress. So, with regards to my style, I always feel I’m able to pull off a minimal feel. But take one step inside my room, and you’ll quickly realize that I’m no minimalist with regards to my makeup collection. ”

Want to achieve a chic make-up look, but not sure where to start? Sometimes a simple look can be the most effective. “Personally, I think all you need to achieve a chic make-up look is mascara, a brow pencil, and a bold lipstick,” says Amy. “As long as I’ve filled my brows and have mascara on, I’m pretty content.”

If you’re new to make-up and want to try executing a few minimal looks without breaking the bank, Amy suggests trying a few of her favorite, inexpensive brands, like NYXColourPop, and Essence. For more tips and beauty tricks, subscribe to Amy’s blog!





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