5 Motivators to Condense Your Closet in 2017

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Don’t let the term “minimal closet” scare you!

We’re not going to tell you that your wardrobe should consist of a painful 20 pieces or convince you to purge a huge chunk of your wardrobe just for the sake of simplicity. A minimal wardrobe is not synonymous with a capsule wardrobe; they are similar, but independent concepts.

We’re also not here to suggest that you stick to a stark neutral color palette, clean lines, and barely any accessories — curating a minimal closet isn’t always about adopting a minimalist aesthetic, but having a refined, well-curated arsenal specifically tailored to your life and your individual personal style that saves you time, energy, and (hello) money. This is about minimalism as a method, a philosophy.

Feel a little better?

Having a wardrobe built on minimalist principles works for everyone because this way of curating your closet allows you to have clothes you’re genuinely excited to wear, what makes you feel confident and gorgeous. If you have those things, do you really need anything else? Here are five reasons to condense your closet for a fresh start in 2017:

You’ll save space.

Just like the space on your smartphone, closet space comes at a premium. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have a lavish walk-in situation that’s resembles a small bedroom, you’ll still want to be strategic about what pieces take up rack space. You don’t want to have tons of hangers with clothes that you don’t wear because it’s itchy, doesn’t fit right, has a few loose threads or a stain someplace, doesn’t go with anything in your closet, or because the zipper falls every time you sit down.

In addition to saving space, your closet will be much neater and organized. Clutter adds stress and anxiety to our lives. The reality is, if you’re not wearing it, it’s just clutter. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, what designer it’s made by, or how much you spent on it. If you are not getting use out of it, it’s excess. Fashion is meant to be worn, not owned!

It’ll be easier to create outfits.

Outfit creation is a ubiquitous issue that’s pretty standard for us all despite our budgets or the size of our closets. The truth is, creating outfits is well a creative task that requires skill. Hey, you didn’t think the legion of Stylists out there get paid just to randomly throw things together, did you?

One of the first things we do each day is pick out what we’re going to wear. That means when we get stressed out in the morning over styling ourselves, we’re setting a negative tone for the rest of the day. Not good. In order to alter this dynamic, we need to have a system where pairing pieces together to create outfits is effortless, requiring little to no thought. Sounds amazing…and impossible, right?

Nope, all you need is a closet full of versatile clothes, pieces that go with multiple other pieces in your closet and are easily interchangeable. When you have a skirt that only goes with one specific top, a dress that can only be worn with one particular pair of shoes, a jacket that only looks right with a certain pair of pants, you limit the outfit potential of your wardrobe.

You’ll know everything in your closet.

If you took out every single item of clothing from your closet, drawers, and storage bins and spread them on a rack (or a few, depending on how much stuff you have) would you be surprised by more than 25% of what’s in there?  Yeah, that figures.

When your wardrobe is refined and sans excess, you will know everything in your closet. You’ll probably have the ability to list ¾ of the pieces in your closet while the door is shut. Since you’ll have a firmer grip of what you have, when you go shopping, you’ll make smarter purchases. No more buyer’s regret because you bought something and have nothing in your closet to wear with it. Knowing what’s in your arsenal will save you time, energy, and (yay!) money. Which brings us to…

You’ll save money.

When you break your the mentality that more is better, you’ll shop less and you’ll also get more bang for your buck. Because of how versatile all your clothes will be, you won’t have to shop so much because everything will practically go with everything. You’ll literally be shopping your closet, which of course is really kind to your wallet.

Most importantly, your CPW (cost-per-wear) will increase, meaning you will spend less money on your clothes!

You’ll be more socially responsible.

If there is one way we champion to becoming a more socially responsible consumer of fashion, it’s to curate a closet filed with mindful purchases, versatile, high-quality clothing and accessories that are equally perfect for your style and your daily activities. It’s probably the most non-obvious one, but the most effective and the simplest to do.

You’ve probably heard about or even considered taking other routes to building a more sustainable and ethical closet…like transitioning into a fully vegan wardrobe or choosing to wear only organic fabrics versus toxic chemical-laden synthetics or purchasing only locally-made clothing and accessories where workers are paid adequate wages instead of mere pennies like in most countries other than the US. Unfortunately, there are major pros and cons of each of those tactics to becoming more conscious, too much to go into now. But you know one way that has zero pitfalls?

Buying less!



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