4 Easy Ways to Transition Your Look from Day to Night

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One outfit. Two looks.

The key to transitioning from day to night: simple, yet transitional pieces.

You’re supposed to meet the girls for drinks after work at a swanky bar and you have no time (or space) to bring a change of clothes. What do you do? Wear your night outfit to work, of course!

Easier said than done, right? Depending on where you work (or who you work for), your work outfit might have to be more conservative than you would like. However, that doesn’t mean that when you’re off work you still shouldn’t be able to show off what ya momma gave ya’. Thanks to Sophia of Sophia’s Fashion Diary, here’s some super easy advice for taking ONE outfit from day to night.

1. Invest in staple “classic” pieces such as a well-fitted blazer.

“A blazer is a perfect way to give the look a ‘ready-for-work appeal’ without sacrificing your style,” Sophia says. When in doubt, wear a cute pantsuit or dress with a cute blazer  and remove it at night fall to relinquish your the business side. “If you wearing something revealing underneath for a night out on the town, your blazer hides spaghetti straps, a drooping neckline, or an exposed back.”

2. Keep an eye out for simple, yet edgy and transitional tops (or bottoms.)

The key to this outfit for transitioning from day to night is often a bodysuit. Its simple front-facing design works well for the day look, while the open back design was a perfect transition for something sexier and more eye-catching for the night. Tops (or bottoms) that can be used as “statement pieces” are perfect options for creating day to night looks.

3. Always keep a bold lip color in your bag.

For the day look, go for fresh, neutral look. Go light on the foundation, rock a nude lipstick or lipgloss, and perhaps (if you’re feeling edgy throughout the day) add a hint of eyeliner. According to Sophia, “to spice up your night look, dramatize your eyeliner and mascara, add a bold lip color and boom, you’re ready to dance the night way.”

4. Accessorize smartly.

Never over-do it with the jewelry. When going from day to night, figure out what you want to highlight and stick to it. “I cant tell you how many times a black choker has saved me from having to go home and change,” Sophia says. “It could be your bright red purse, a statement necklace, or a diamond bracelet. Whatever you nighttime accessory is, make it count!”



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