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LuxBox Case is the Classic Statement Case for the iPhone

No more choosing between protection and personal style.  

No more hunks of black plastic killing your vibe!

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Enjoy Beautiful Base Finishes: MacPro Silver & White Lacquer


Luxury Base Cover Materials: 100% Wool or Real Walnut Wood Veneer


Pleasing Tactile Experience and Easy Gripping Surface


Case is made of one unit for optimal strength



Beveled Rim

Rim Sits Out in Front of Screen & Protects Front Glass While Staying Out of the Way

Wide Camera Opening

Wide Camera Opening Prevents Photo Distortion


Wonderful Packaging & Product Delivery Experience!



365 Day FREE Replacement for any problems with the Case |

With LuxBox Case we started with the essential element of basic protection. The case is designed with a beveled rim that extends beyond the front screen of the iPhone.

The LuxBox Case shell protects your iPhone edges from accidental drops and gives your iPhone a distinctive look and feel